Muppets take a trip aboard EPCOT's Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World

May 17, 2023 in "Spaceship Earth"

Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2023 4:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebrating the launch of The Electric Mayhem on Disney+, band member Floyd Pepper took a trip aboard EPCOT's Spaceship Earth.

Check out the video below for a look at a long, strange trip on Spaceship Earth.

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erasure fan1Jan 31, 2024

That's a good point for sure. If a well received, emmy award winner, number one album with a reasonable budget can't make it. I don't have a lot of confidence in anything else.

Magicart87Jan 30, 2024

Everyone can play cancellation bingo with reasons as to why their favorite show had been canceled but I really don't understand why this one was unless it just failed to attract "enough" viewers, but even still, I feel like Disney might have been too quick to cancel it. There's a point where it's not worth my time as a potential viewer to watch a show if I'm already of the opinion that Disney's commitment to a second season is slim. If they don't have confidence in their own product why should I as a subscriber?

Dead2009Jan 30, 2024

Finishing up the show now, I'm sad this isn't getting a 2nd season and that Disney is just quick to cancel anything Muppets related.

erasure fan1Jan 15, 2024

That's a good point. It did seem like the creators a had bigger plans for the show though. My thought is the show was a great starting point to bring the Muppets back into the fold. Season two could have brought in a few other characters to help move things along.

doctornickJan 15, 2024

The only good thing I will say about the non renewal is that the season was effectively self contained and felt complete. A new season would have had to come up with a new premise and there’s a decent chance it would have either been subpar or felt repetitive. So maybe going out on top is good. Hopefully they will keep the series on the service and not purge it like they have for other quality offerings (I’m still annoyed about losing Earth to Ned, Mysterious Benedict Society, etc)

erasure fan1Jan 14, 2024

I couldn't agree more. Even with the cameos, it still couldn't have cost that much. And if they did cost too much, uhhhhh here's an idea, don't have as many. The show was well received by fans and critics. It was a great start and something to really build on, so naturally, cancel it!

doctornickJan 14, 2024

Just finished the season with my family and we really enjoyed it. Disappointed it wasn’t renewed as it seemed like a good quality content add with relatively small cost (unless the cameos were too expensive). Like Earth to Ned, it wasn’t given enough of a chance.

ppete1975Nov 22, 2023

Fozzy bear late night show... come on the opening monologues would be worth it

FeelsSoGoodToBeBadNov 22, 2023

I first watched the show with my husband. A few weeks later I convinced my dad to give it a shot when I visited for a long weekend about a month after the shows release. We watched all 10 episodes of Muppets Mayhem in two evenings and loved every episode. It made me feel nostalgic about watching The Muppet Show as a family when I was younger. (Dad, being a drummer himself, has always loved Animal but my husband and I think he's more like Dr. Teeth.) When we finished the series dad said, "Is that it?" Initially disappointed, he perked up a bit at the prospect of a second season. Hopefully whatever comes next will be even better than MM or even (dare we dream?) a callback to the original Muppet Show. 🤞🤞

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 22, 2023

Either way even if the show didn't exist they still would be a good replacement since it fits in the park where there is more Muppet involvement..

erasure fan1Nov 22, 2023

It was pitched to Disney when they pitched the show.

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 22, 2023

Even if their wasn't a show based around it at least it could be saved as a take over of RnRC being an In house IP and this not having to pay royalties to Aerosmith all because they sang a song for a Box office flop (Armageddon) they were the reason they got them for the ride..I say #Bringonthemayhem.

erasure fan1Nov 22, 2023

Here's the link to the interview.

erasure fan1Nov 22, 2023

I hope not. I suggest anyone who is a fan of the muppets, find my post in this thread where I posted an interview with Jeff Yorkes on rebel force radio. Find where they talk to Jeff and see how passionate they were and respectful of the franchise they were. I trust Adam and Jeff 100% with any muppet project. If they're smart, they will just transition the end of mayhem, into the next project. I'm guessing Disney really wanted something with the fab 4. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo. So hopefully that's the play.