Muppets take a trip aboard EPCOT's Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World

18 days ago in "Spaceship Earth"

Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2023 4:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebrating the launch of The Electric Mayhem on Disney+, band member Floyd Pepper took a trip aboard EPCOT's Spaceship Earth.

Check out the video below for a look at a long, strange trip on Spaceship Earth.

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erasure fan12 days ago

For anyone who wants some good insight into the Muppets Mayhem, the rebel force radio crew had co co-creator Jeff Yorkes on. There's a lot of good stuff on the Muppets and star wars and a few other 80s things. It's well worth a listen.

CynBeth2 days ago

I have now watched all 10 episodes and absolutely love it! Hope they have a season 2.

Phroobar9 days ago

Me too. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good show.

DavidDL9 days ago

Just got done watching it. Loved it.

erasure fan112 days ago

It makes perfect sense. It's a similar thing with star wars for me. I might not be able to describe exactly what feels like star wars. But I know what feels right as soon as I see it. And this show gets it pretty darn close. A lot of what Disney has done with the muppets feels like an imitation and a bit forced. This doesn't.

Phroobar12 days ago

The show always has that moment at the end when one of the Muppets resolves the problem with the humans and makes everything okay. It is a good show. I liked the Cheech and Chong cameo.

sedati12 days ago

Three episodes in and I'm enjoying this very much. It's light and fun, but I genuinely enjoy the humor and feel this "feels" right if that makes muppety sense. If you've bemoaned the lack of Muppet content and not at least given this a chance, then you are part of the reason there might not be much Muppet content.

Cmdr_Crimson14 days ago

Fun thing to point out about that was this was to introduce their digital puppetry for their studio.. The animation at the time was done by Pacific Data Images or PDI..The animation studio that became Dreamworks animation.. Ever since then they have acquired their own animation dept as they have been using digital puppetry for several projects since..

erasure fan115 days ago

Until they can prove they can consistently make top quality Muppet content. I don't think a new movie should be done. The kind of sad fact is that Muppet vision, as out dated as some effects can be, still holds up better than any of the 3d shows in Disney in my opinion. Maybe remaster the film with the 3d tech Lucas developed when he was re-releasing the prequels. And update the Waldo CG because that is by far the most outdated part of the attraction. The show is still very funny, with some fun AAs and Sweetums is great.

Wendy Pleakley15 days ago

They can't even be bothered to update Muppet Vision. I can't imagine Disney adding an additional Muppet attraction. A new movie would be an inexpensive way to breathe life into something that is really really really outdated. It's not bad, and I appreciate it is Henson's final project, but a movie in 2023 extolling the magic of 3D? And poor 3D at that. Make a new movie.

erasure fan116 days ago

While I agree, unfortunately the Muppets aren't star wars. Disney has already killed one Muppet vision. If they took over Rockin rollercoaster, I can't see them not using the Muppet vision space as star wars expansion. I say add a electric mayhem coaster by Muppet vision and make it a full mini land. That's the real answer.

Cmdr_Crimson16 days ago

If we have 3 star wars attractions in different locations..We can have another Muppet attraction in another location...

erasure fan116 days ago

It really does make a lot of sense. My only real objection would be splitting the Muppets into two different areas. Because if that happens, Muppet vision would be closed for sure. Other than that, it would really be a smart move. Imagine a fully AA electric Mayhem playing as you exit. Unfortunately all they would probably do, is a screen of them performing.

DCBaker17 days ago