Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom to close later this month

Jan 07, 2021 in "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom"

The Magic Kingdom's interactive scavenger hunt, 'Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom,' will close on January 24 2021.

Launched in early 2012, the game followed on from the success of Epcot's Kim Possible Adventure, and brought location-based gameplay to the Magic Kingdom. 

Its popularity has wained over the years, and the starting location behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe was eventually closed, leaving only the Main Street U.S.A. location at the Firehouse in Town Square.

It is thought that the gameplay portals have become an issue during extended queues that are a result of physical distancing, and this may have been the final nail in the coffin for the game.

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Article Posted: Jan 07, 2021 / 12:13pm ET
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danlb_200020 days ago

Closing the doors at the fire station on the last day:

JoeCamel20 days ago

Well.... it exists but you could hit your toe with a hammer and have more fun

jules_traveler22 days ago

There is a way to play it at home as a card game.

WEDway Inc & Company LLC27 days ago

Ok just some armchair imagineering, but a “Quests of Yore” type thing here would be pretty interesting...

DCBakerJan 13, 2021

"According to the Walt Disney World calendar, the final day that guests will be able to play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game will be on January 24, 2021. The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will close permanently on January 25, 2021."

Club CooloholicJan 13, 2021

We were there during Thanksgiving week, as busy a time as any during this Pandemic, and other than Mainstreet, it was not hard to do the quests. I think maybe if they removed the mainstream ones(or repositioned them, like the one inside the store) they could have done it without getting in peoples way. The Pirates one is not working currently(I can't recall when it last did)

pdude81Jan 13, 2021

Well magic bands aren't free for resort guests anymore either. And those work for the time being. But having people line up at the fire house to start these games might have started becoming a problem. Not to mention the portals starting to get in the way of lines as the capacity of the parks increase. The line issue was mentioned earlier in the thread, and it makes sense even though that issue should be moot by 2022.

Club CooloholicJan 13, 2021

I know my kids love to do quests at Great Wolf Lodge, we have spent a ton on that, and look what people pay for the wands at Harry Potter. They could have sold rings or something that activate it, or little genie lamps..who knows but there was money to be made.

JoeCamelJan 12, 2021

All I ever heard about Tomorrowland was fan generated. It was logical but they had a budget...... The game does cost to maintain and the hardware is obsolete. Far as I know the server is still in California which makes for slow data transfer. Didn't seem to make much difference in reliability (spotty and frustrating) when it was moved but the people to service it were out there. It would be amazing if it were redone in today's tech with improvements in card recognition but nobody would pay for that so another free perk is gone. RIP SotMK psst anybody want to buy party cards?? I joke, those go on ebay.

SundownJan 12, 2021

@JoeCamel Thanks for your insight/info on SOTMK. Man...I'm going to be bummed for quite some time. Would you know if there were ever any plans to extend the portals in to Tomorrowland? Perhaps how far along they went? Or was none of this even done, because as you said they laid-off the creators after only a year from the game's introduction. And I can't imagine the game would have cost too much to maintain, even if keeping it as it is? I'd think it would even be a benefit to have a place where the crowd can go to during this time.

JoeCamelJan 12, 2021

No, that part was built into the game and all they had to do was the animation but to expand portals and decks would have been more than a once a year exercise (both cards at once) which was planned. Original cards in D23 mag at launch of game

rangerbobJan 12, 2021

Didn't know that. I guess they pre-created the holiday card that was handed out during the special events.

JoeCamelJan 12, 2021

Problem was that they laid off/reassigned the creators of the game a year or so after it was handed over to ops so there was no one to expand it.

rangerbobJan 12, 2021

I believe they said there was going to be multiple sets but it never continued. I bet it would have kept up if they added more to the game to keep people wanting to play. It was a good distraction and kept people doing something else.