Typhoon Lagoon's Shark Reef to operate reduced hours

Feb 05, 2015 in "Shark Reef"

Posted: Thursday February 5, 2015 10:07am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon is now operating on reduced hours.

Effective from this week, the Shark Reef opens two hours after park opening, and closes one hour before the park closes or by 5pm, whichever is the earliest.

The Shark Reef gives guests the chance to swim along with sharks in a cold water environment.

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Club CooloholicMar 29, 2022

That's a great deal. And I would have been cheaper as I would skip the dolphin thing unless they changed it. I remember saying to the trainer, the dolphin really doesn't have to pull me around anywhere, lol.

Horizons '83Mar 29, 2022

Yes, I currently took advantage of that Black Friday 50% off. It was $160 bucks for 2 adults to swim with the dolphins as well as it being all inclusive beer/wine, breakfast and lunch. We had a fantastic time and highly recommended it if you can catch a deal.

Club CooloholicMar 29, 2022

About 8 months ago they were selling half price tickets to DC, but I think that was more in the thick of the pandemic.

flynnibusMar 29, 2022

Yes, I'd agree too expensive if doing it just for DC for one day. Highly recommend doing it as part of a non-Disney leg of a trip where you do DC, Seaworld, and Aquatica for a few non-Disney days to get the value for your DC ticket. We did it as a bumper to a Disney cruise and it was a great way to extend time in FL and see stuff we hadn't done in awhile.

LilofanMar 29, 2022

Haven't been there in years but we enjoyed in Key Largo, John Pennycamp State Park, a reef 3 miles out into the ocean. Saw interesting stuff but when the little boat rocked back and forth going back to shore, I lost it with severe sea sickness. The captain did say while my mind and body were spinning out of control to focus on land and don't move my eyes. It actually worked and I stopped throwing up.

TikibirdLandMar 29, 2022

I agree; it made TL the GOTO waterpark for us back in the day. Aulani on Oahu has their Rainbow Reef which is the same experience -- and cold water! But, that's a bit of trip just to experience it! It definitely IS worth it though. We haven't experienced Discovery Cove. I'm hoping to do that when we do some traveling in September.

Club CooloholicMar 29, 2022

Yes that is pretty cool and we were there pre-kids, but kinda pricey for the whole family and I don't think we will have a whole free day for it. To be honest neither kid did well with the masks. Planning on taking them snorkeling in the Keys next month so I guess we will get our fix then, just stinks because it was a cool attraction that was definitely different for a water park. I only was thinking about Shark Reef because I am debating doing the H20 night.

LilofanMar 29, 2022

Brings back very cold memories. Shark Reef water temps are not heated but what a great time.

flynnibusMar 29, 2022

Do the snorkeling at Discovery Cove... its STUFFED with creatures and different depths. So much better than you even get in the real world in most cases.

Club CooloholicMar 29, 2022

Sorry to bring this topic back from the dead.,but I just learned about this today(last time we tried to go to Typhoon Lagoon it closed due to a storm as we were walking in.) Anyway I am disappointed as this was my first snorkel experience as a kid. My kids have tried snorkeling on cruises but this one was nice because it was a guarantee of seeing cool fish.

Donald RazorduckJul 23, 2017

Like clockwork, Discovery Cove has now introduced a shark swim to add on there, also has a touching feature.

AbsimilliardJul 23, 2017

Slightly off topic: when I went to Singapore last month for the IAAPA show, I discovered that a local waterpark still has an experience like Shark Reef. Adventure Cove is a waterpark next to Universal Studios Singapore that has some imaginative attractions like a lazy river through an aquarium and Rainbow Reef. Rainbow Reef is like Shark Reef: snorkel around an aquarium filled with many fishes. Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove by Absimilliard posted Jul 23, 2017 at 1:37 AM Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove by Absimilliard posted Jul 23, 2017 at 1:34 AM

RiderJul 23, 2017

Sorry no pictures. It's just sand surrounding the ship.

Next Big ThingJul 22, 2017