PHOTOS and VIDEO - Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro - Italy's new flag waving act opens at Epcot

Oct 17, 2014 in "Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro"

Posted: Friday October 17, 2014 12:47pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro - Epcot's latest entertainment act has opened at the Italy Pavilion.

Still in soft opening, the act is set to perform daily, and features traditional flag waving accompanied by live music. Dating back over 500 years, the flag throwing ceremony is rich in Italy tradition.

You can catch the 12 minute show daily, with showtimes at 11:20am, 12:10pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4:20pm and 5pm.

We've got a video of today's opening show below, along with a photo gallery of the performance.

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Next Big ThingNov 03, 2014

Saw this today. Fairly impressive and feels very authentic and (renaissance) period appropriate. After the show is over they offer to let you take pictures with them as well. It kept me entertained throughout AND it's authentic to the country. I can't really ask for much more from street entertainment. Certainly much better than the Ziti Sisters.

Phil12Oct 21, 2014

They're only in soft opening mode now. In the last part of the show the guy that juggles the three flags will be switching out the flags for chainsaws in the next few weeks.

Matt_BlackOct 21, 2014

Yes, but the display text also talks about the Mayans.

RandomPrincessOct 21, 2014

If it's the big stone calender near the entrance with the guy in the middle sticking out his tongue. It's an Aztec calendar.

toastyOct 20, 2014

Haven't seen the video because I'd prefer that the first time I see it, I'm watching it live, but I'm looking forward to this. Honestly, it's pretty rare that I devote much time to these little street shows in WS after I've seen them once or twice, but I love that they are there just from an atmospheric standpoint. Adds a great energy...

dreamfinderOct 20, 2014

I've said it before and will probably say it again, it's all about the benefits. Replacing a half dozen people who were with the company in some form or another for 10-15 years (didn't some of the sisters move over from the AC?) means you can usually get contractors to do it for much less. On wages alone, you could probably add 30% more people. If they provide their own costumes, need less sound techs, etc. Saving the 20% of salary they were spending on health care and other benefits is the money saver. Not to mention, I don't think these guys had a standing booked gig somewhere talented as they may be, so may have given Disney a good deal for a steady job.

Matt_BlackOct 20, 2014

Fun aside- my first trip in over a decade (might have been a decade and a half), the flight was scheduled to leave December 22, 2012, which, as you may recall, was the date that many thought the world would end. When I finally got to the Mexico Pavilion, I went to the Mayan Calendar display, snapped a pic, and posted it to Facebook with the caption "Suck it, Mayans!"

bhg469Oct 20, 2014

Mexico is great. Once you walk in that pavilion, you're transported. I still love being fooled into think it's night time.

Occasional GuestOct 19, 2014

We were in Italy on Thursday and saw this. It kept the kids attention and was interesting. The kids like the flag fighting portion. We ate dinner in Tutto afterward and the second show with all the drumming outside was a little annoying but didn't ruin dinner.

raymusiccityOct 19, 2014

Ageed. Went by the 'lumber jack show' last week....felt like a throwback to what you'd see at your county fair. Seemed like tired jokes interrupted by noise pollution and a waste of good lumber. Where are all of the Tree Huggers when you need them!

Next Big ThingOct 19, 2014

Maybe it isn't cheaper. They're saving money in other areas of the park though.

bhg469Oct 19, 2014

See... this is all they had to do. Not a bad looking show at all. Too bad the Canadian offering missed the mark, by a lot.

culturenthrillsOct 19, 2014

Yeah but at least The Ziti Sisters was interactive and engaged the audience. This is just sorta of repetitive and even if they are contractors I wonder how this is cheaper with the amount of people needed for this show.

WondersOfLifeOct 18, 2014

Wow! I'm impressed..... I was actually thinking I'd be more impressed with the lumberjack show.. (Hey, I liked it. -.-) and for some reason I'm shocked nobody here is complaining about this.. Forumer response to last part of my post: -insert witty "that's because.." reply here-