Rock 'n' Roller Coaster closing for refurbishment this fall

Aug 31, 2016 in "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith"

Posted: Wednesday August 31, 2016 11:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be closing for a refurbishment later this year.

The closure is currently planned to begin on October 27, through to November 9, reopening to guests on November 10 2016.

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Musicman20Nov 16, 2016

The launch is fantastic, the rest of the ride is just fun. I am not into extreme thrill rides (eg the highest/biggest/longest coasters) I just like them to be fast and fun, hence Disney's type of coaster appeals to me.

Seabasealpha1Nov 15, 2016

Josephus had a great corkscrew too...

Seabasealpha1Nov 15, 2016

Not like there's a heck of a lot else to ride at that park for the moment anyway...

NothingRhymeswithOrangeNov 15, 2016

I second this. RnRC has always been a great ride and a solid coaster. Yes, there are BETTER coasters out there for sure, but this ride is still great 17 years after opening. Though I believe it should definitely be rethemed soon as Aerosmith is calling it quits after next year and the theme of the park is moving away from what it once was.

OtterheadNov 15, 2016

It's got a great, intense launch, a fun loop, and a terrific corkscrew. Not sure how any of that is "plain" -- what do people want, really? It's lots of fun, and whether you're an Aerosmith fan or not, their music goes perfectly with the setup and ride. Is it the best ride in the parks? Not by a long shot. But hey, it's fun, silly, and always enjoyable (except for when it breaks down, which it does way way too often).

BocabearNov 15, 2016

Plain but they were clever with the storyline and setup. I hope it stays forever with possibly a fresh storyline, sets and long as they don't downgrade it to the Paris version which is no sets and colored lights...snore.

matt9112Nov 15, 2016

Its one of the most plain jane coasters ever. still very fun....

Goingdown13Nov 15, 2016


Musicman20Nov 14, 2016

It is a stunning coaster. Really fun. I sincerely hope they keep it for a long time.

KrazyKatNov 11, 2016

My daughter is on her senior class trip right now and texted me she was going on RnR coaster. I told her it wasn't open but she said she was standing in line. Really surprised.

Princess LeiaNov 11, 2016

Holy flip, that line is enormous. :eek:

DubmanNov 11, 2016

And open again. In the right place when it did! 0 wait!! Woo hoo

DubmanNov 11, 2016

And it's down... hahaha!

twilight mitsukNov 11, 2016

Launch system upgrades like at Dlp?