Show cancellation likely puts an end to potential Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Muppets Mayhem retheme plans

Nov 21, 2023 in "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith"

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster overview
Posted: Tuesday November 21, 2023 3:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Variety reports that The Muppets Mayhem has been canceled after only one season on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The Muppets Mayhem debuted on Disney+ in May 2023, and Jeff Yorkes, co-creator, added weight to speculation that a Muppets Mayhem makeover may be coming to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Posting on Twitter in response to a June 2023 article discussing the rumor, Yorkes said, "Not gonna lie-- this was absolutely part of our original pitch and is another piece of this dream. Fingers-crossed that it happens."

With the show's reported cancellation, it would now seem very unlikely that the Muppets Mayhem would have been part of any retheme of the hugely popular coaster.

Speculation has surrounded Aeromsith's involvement with Rock 'n' Roller Coaster for years, and recent accusations against frontman Steve Tyler have intensified rumors of a replacement for the band.

The rollercoaster is one of Walt Disney World's most popular thrill rides and has recently reopened from a lengthy refurbishment. Work took place on the ride system and improvements to lighting, but the show remained unchanged, staying with the Aerosmith concert storyline.

Disney has yet to make any comment on any planned changes to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

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Ice Gator2 days ago

Rock n Rollercoaster starring Gorillaz would go insane.

Andrew257 days ago

Prior to the closure, the only Aerosmith merch at the store was a simple logo tank top and the rest were RNRC apparel with "Starring Aerosmith" below it (most of the RNRC merch had already excluded Aerosmith from it). I wouldn't take that portion of the rumor seriously, I don't think Aerosmith was selling as much apparel and it's far more profitable to exclude them from it.

Kirby867 days ago

It wouldn't suprise me.

dreamfinding8 days ago

Let me guess: they cheaped out on the breaks during the first refurb, which has led us to a second extended refurb?

Surferboy5678 days ago

I’ve heard from more reliable sources on here it comes down to the brakes having issues. Nothing cosmetic to my knowledge.

dreamfinding8 days ago

All of this being said: why the extensive refurbs? Actual ride issues or something more cosmetic?

Surferboy5678 days ago

Mickey Views has recently updated a new video and has said the following. Please keep in mind that Brayden is a dubious source and has a spotty record to say the least. The reason why I am posting is that he has proven to have gotten things right in the past with that disclaimer out of the way here goes: When Rock N Roll opens the gift shop will be totally stripped of anything Aerosmith related as the merch contract has allegedly ran out with the band. This includes posters on the walls. He also alleges that the attraction itself is a handful of years from lasping its rights deal with Aerosmith. He has heard two IP’s he considers to be front runners for replacement but didn’t share them in the video. A replacement though he has said is definitely on the way.

dreamfinding8 days ago

Have there been any rumblings about RnRc lately?

Eric GrahamApr 11, 2024

Actually, there is a museum in Georgia dedicated to the Muppets, where they have a number of the Muppets there where Jim Henson himself collaborated with the owner. The Center For Puppetry Arts. It's so amazing! They even have the Sesame Street Muppets, brings back my childhood. And the lesser Muppets like Emmett Otters Junk Band Christmas, which can be found on Amazon. And, Muppets from the Labrinth, with the late great David Bowie. I took my nephew there years ago and we saw Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer together there. It was so good. I thought the voices were on a recording, but they did all of the voices. so Wonderful. The story of the museum:

"El Gran Magnifico"Apr 11, 2024

I for one wouldn’t mind more Muppets.

Eric GrahamApr 11, 2024

I was hoping for another Muppets movie, but there are no plans whatsoever on doing so in the immediate future. I was hoping for another Jason Segal movie, actually. I was the lone person that asked the wonderful Disney cast member when she was getting ready to perform the opening of Runaway Railway about when the Muppets store would reopen again. She answered the question so nicely and so politely when she said it wasn't very popular and it was open a time ago. I've wanted to install a Kermit animatronic singing Rainbow Connection near me where I walk from the first Muppets movie, but would be outvoted by the people in my city. Oh well. We can all dream. :p

"El Gran Magnifico"Apr 11, 2024

Only if it includes “Muskrat Love” in the soundtrack.

BocabearApr 11, 2024

Well....TBH Muppets Land is really just one attraction, a fountain and really terrible pizza quick-serve... Now if the Muppets moved to the other side of the park with a brand new Muppet Vision, a couple more attractions, a better restaurant and quick serve, then it would be a more worthwhile representation of the Muppets....and then the area would be free for redevelopment....

Eric GrahamApr 10, 2024

I really enjoy the Muppet a whole lot. However, whenever I'm at HS I half joke with my wife and say to her: When are They Going To Pave Over The Muppets and put another Star Wars attraction there....