Muppets Mayhem creator Jeff Yorkes says he pitched a Muppets makeover of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Walt Disney World

Jun 08, 2023 in "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith"

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster overview
Posted: Thursday June 8, 2023 4:55pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Jeff Yorkes, co-creator of The Muppets Mayhem on Disney+ has added weight to speculation that Muppets Mayhem may be coming to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Posting on Twitter in response to an article discussing the rumor, Yorkes said, "Not gonna lie-- this was absolutely part of our original pitch and is another piece of this dream. Fingers-crossed that it happens."

Speculation has surrounded Aeromsith's involvement with Rock 'n' Roller Coaster for years, and recent accusations against frontman Steve Tyler have intensified rumors of a replacement for the band.

The rollercoaster is one of Walt Disney World's most popular thrill rides and has recently reopened from a lengthy refurbishment. Work took place on the ride system and improvements to lighting, but the show remained unchanged, staying with the Aerosmith concert storyline.

Disney has yet to make any comment on any planned changes to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

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sedati4 hours ago

Thrilled to see how good this ride has held up since my last visit (2017). The gravity building was wonderfully dark, the set pieces bright and crisp. The front seat was astoundingly smooth, but I did find the back row rough.

HauntedPirate7 hours ago

Keith Richards and Willie Nelson, CONFIRMED!!!

ToTBellHop8 hours ago

The issue will be once members fall off the mortal coil. Unlike ToT, we can’t claim they are ghosts. It’s very clearly a modern-day ride with a living band. With Aerosmith retiring soon, I really think Disney will retheme while the musicians are still alive to avoid awkwardness. My money is on some IP with score that works. Let’s hope they do better than WDSP.

Surferboy5678 hours ago

As someone who was at one of those 3 shows that just occurred. Have to say, enjoyed the concert immensely. Tyler can’t hit the notes he used to but still sounds decent enough for his age.

HauntedPirate10 hours ago

No worries. If it was an encounter with Chuck Norris, he'd roundhouse kick the band and they'd all be 35 years old again. :D Long-term, IMHO, is fine with the band carrying the ride. Their music fits it. I really believe that there are probably only a small handful of bands whose music could carry the ride, and they're all so old it would just be shuffling the chairs on the deck of the ship. Keep the youthful-looking Aerosmith with the classic songs, as there is no reason to change it.

pdude8110 hours ago

I was under the impression that it was a vocal injury and not a fight with Chuck Norris or a car crash. That's why I phrased it that way. Not a knock as I like the band. I just think that the long term prospects for Aerosmith carrying this ride are not good.

HauntedPirate10 hours ago

A fractured larynx isn't exactly reason to say, "they only made it through 3 shows". Sometimes **** happens, but **** happening to a 75 year old singer does make it concerning. I say this as a ticketholder for a now-postponed show who wants to see Aerosmith so he can cross them off his Concert Bucket List.

pdude8111 hours ago

I don't think the band name (EM) has that much recognition, but people would recognize Dr. Teeth or Janice on a screen. And obviously everybody knows Animal plays the drums, though they may not know why. The thing about Muppets is that they don't really live or die. You can make new content with them on D+ or possibly even a feature film, without it looking like an AARP commercial. Aerosmith isn't a drag on the existing ride, but they could only make it through 3 shows of their farewell tour this year. I wouldn't say that Electric Mayhem would bring in many new riders either, but at least Disney owns their rights and can update the ride content over time. Plus maybe some seasonal overlays, which do bring in more guests.

Purduevian11 hours ago

Obviously super subjective. However outside of this thread, I have never heard of Electric Mayhem. I'm sure it has a lot of fans, but is it as recognized as Aerosmith? My wife also enjoyed Muppet Vision 3D, but really doesn't know or care about the Muppets at all.

MisterPenguin14 hours ago

I haven't heard that. Muppets 3D got a neighborhood upgrade when SWL was put in, even though a significant number of park fans wouldn't have minded it being demolished in order to connect SWL with Star Tours. Muppets got a TV show, a Haunted Mansion special, and an Electric Mayhem series. Muppets were just put front and center at the last D23. Doesn't sound like Iger is eager to sunset the Muppets.

Brer Panther15 hours ago

I've heard that Bob Iger doesn't care much about the Muppets. Do you think that's the reason why the constantly-suggested Electric Mayhem overlay hasn't been greenlit?

Kirby861 day ago

Busch Gardens has a nice Sesame Street area as well. I wish Disney would treat The Muppets as well as SeaWorld treats Sesame Street.

FettFan1 day ago

Or, given how stuck on Star Wars Disney is (despite running it into the blooming ground)… PiS is far more respectful to the franchise than most of what’s been released since 2017. ^seriously, to hell with this^

FettFan1 day ago

Well, Sesame Street is its own fur/felt/feathered beast owned by Sesame Workshop/Children’s Television Workshop. It’s a division of JHS, but Disney only owns the Muppet IP. I’m sure Iger would give his two front teeth to get his hands on the rest of JHS, but the Henson family isn’t willing to sell outright.