VIDEO - Updated version of Rivers of Light begins this weekend at Disney's Animal Kingdom

May 24, 2019 in "Rivers of Light"

Rivers of Light We Are One show
Posted: Friday May 24, 2019 10:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will officially debut a an updated version of Rivers of Light tonight.

"Rivers of Light: We Are One" introduces Disney characters into the show's projection displays, including scenes from the Lion King, Jungle Book, Bambi and Brother Bear, and the use of the Circle of Life musical score. The show's effects remain the same, although parts of the show have been slightly reworked, including efforts to add more impact to the finale. Sadly the Shaman of Songs actors that were removed last year have not been brought back to the show.

Also starting tonight is a new Lion King story at the Tree of Like Awakenings. The projection show begins just after dark, at around 8:50pm this weekend though to park close.  Awakenings take place every 10 minutes, with the Lion King story set to play daily through September 30 2019.

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BromBonesJan 06, 2020

I far more enjoyed Animal Kingdom when it was a half day park. The implementation of the light show really ruined the beautiful lagoon outside of Expedition Everest. There was nothing nicer than eating at the Flame Tree BBQ and walking down to the patio next to the lagoon. It was quiet and undisturbed.

GhostHost1000Jan 06, 2020

Still needs a better finale. Some wow moment.

TTA94Jan 05, 2020

One, if not the only one, strong point in the show is the thunderstorm lol.

seggermanJan 05, 2020

I saw the show in early December - and it was about 40% too long. The effects were great - but then they were repeated, over and over.

RSoxNo1Jan 04, 2020

But... but... IP is always better.

jaxonpJan 03, 2020

there seriously was no reason to change the show if it wasn’t going to make it an improvement. Garbage.

TrainsOfDisneyJan 03, 2020

I miss the 3d effects, but in the end I think the show is slightly better now. It feels like it has a better flow now than previous. I really wish they would have succeeded with this show, I love what it was supposed to be. The music and feel of the show was on point. It seems like they should have just tripled the amount of lotus blossoms and done more world of color type stuff imho.

MokaJan 03, 2020

I seem to be one of the only ones who has a slight liking to it. But again, reason may be because I never saw the original. Just got my annual passes back in late 2018 after not going in almost 7-8 years or so.

Prototype82Jan 03, 2020

Did it though? No more three dimensional projections (The new show doesn't even fully utilize the tech), the subtle flaring of the flames in sync with the flutes in the music score...I feel like people keep saying it's "better" because there's "more fire". I liked the subtly. I wholeheartedly agree about how bad the flow is.

Prototype82Jan 03, 2020

I am literally ecstatic that this actually happened.

No NameJan 02, 2020

The original show, even without the live actors, was rated higher than this current version among all groups except preschoolers. If the company operated with facts and logic, they would bring the original back. It would essentially require no more than flipping a switch. However, either the company values preschoolers over everyone else combined, or more likely, the company is grounded to their view that movie IP improves everything and refuses to acknowledge data that shows otherwise. “Well at least it’s Disney now” I can hear the Bobs thinking. The reason only preschoolers like it better, most likely, is because they are incapable of processing themes, messages, etc. so they rely on cute familiar sights for enjoyment.

RSoxNo1Jan 02, 2020

Am I the only one that watched this expecting to see the Yeti projected on the Tree?

MisterPenguinJan 01, 2020

They still had some half-filled tubes of face paint to use up.

FigmentJediJan 01, 2020

Look who came back for one night only in front of the Tree of Life and with exposition the original show could have used to boot.