VIDEO - Reflections of Earth with Peace on Earth Finale

Dec 30, 2015 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth - with Peace on Earth Finale"

Posted: Wednesday December 30, 2015 10:01am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

There are just two more days left to see the 2015 edition of Epcot's Reflections of Earth with Peace on Earth finale.

Here is a full show video from this year's show, and check out the shooting star we caught on camera at 5mins 56 seconds!

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ToTBellHopDec 30, 2015

Certainly not EVERY year. I've seen the Epcot tree before (once) and I only go in January, not December.

hpyhnt 1000Dec 30, 2015

Have they always done this for NYE?

wdwmagicDec 29, 2015

Last day to see the Epcot Christmas Tree today. It comes down tonight to make space for NYE crowds.

TimeTripDec 06, 2015

Just watched the 2014 version, and they made that change then. The timing looks a little better this year though.

TimeTripNov 29, 2015

Aside from the water level pyro already mentioned, I'm pretty sure that during the lines: With God as our Father Brothers all are we. The pyro used to go right-left-up-in and now its right-uphigh-left-uphigh

FigmentForver96Nov 29, 2015

It could be just me, but it looks like there were some pyro tweaks made. I love the show and I appreciate they tried to update it, but I miss Mr. Cronkite.

sshindelNov 29, 2015

And people love to look back at Eisner as if he was some sort of genius. The original idea, bringing in performers from different nations and spreading it throughout World Showcase is only slightly less terrible than this thing.

jakemanNov 28, 2015


wdwmagicNov 28, 2015

Between Mexico and Norway.

TimeTripNov 28, 2015

Epic as always. Can't wait to see it in person this year. Great angle.. Is it lakeside at the mexico quick serve? Lasers don't always look so great from that area though :-(

wdwmagicNov 28, 2015

Here is this year's Peace on Earth edition of Reflections of Earth. Love the new floating pyro launched at 12:20.

Sage of TimeNov 28, 2015

How are the fireworks, this year?

BoltNov 28, 2015

The painting room at Colortopia is pretty cool.

sshindelNov 27, 2015

I agree with all those things. Nothing futuristic in Future World these days. Nothing. Still doesn't make it any less ok to keep adding new not-futuristic stuff, see Colortopia.