VIDEO - New acoustic group Quickstep debuts at Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion

Nov 27, 2015 in "Quickstep"

Quickstep overview
Posted: Friday November 27, 2015 4:07pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion has a new musical group by the name of the Quickstep.

The acoustic four-piece band replaces the Paul McKenna Band which had its last performance on November 20 2015, and plays a similar style of Scottish, English and Irish influenced music.

Quickstep have multiple performances from 11am, Wednesday through to Sunday, just across from the Rose and Crown Pub in Tudor Lane.

Check out the video below to hear Quickstep in action.

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castlecake2.0Nov 29, 2015

maybe not a uniform, but you can notice the difference between how these folks are dressed and how American Music Machine and the Canadian Voyageurs are dressed. It doesnt ahve to be a uniform, but something just a little put together . *my views dont reflect TWDC

Arthur WellesleyNov 28, 2015

Needs chainsaws, but I like it!

flyerjabNov 28, 2015

I hope that they continue this trend of short-term contracts. This will help add variety where it is needed. It will help give people something new to look forward to each visit as opposed to the same thing every time. Same reason why I hope Soarin' 2.0 would change destinations within the ride. Variability is so good for things like this. I wish that they would change up the cultural exhibits as well throughout WS. The concept for this park is great but changing things out on a more regular basis would be so beneficial. At least it is a start with the live acts.

ToTBellHopNov 28, 2015

Very talented group and a welcomed addition.

dreamscometrueNov 28, 2015

Wonderful addition. I like the decision to sign acts to shorter contracts. Loved many of the long time acts, but there is a need to keep things fresh.

GarfieldNov 28, 2015

This is an example of things I like about WDW. Sure I like the big rides and shows, but those need to be balanced by the small, unexpected things you find as well. I agree with #NextBigThing. Having them NOT in uniform actually adds to the magic, as if what is happening at WDW is something you can expect to find on the streets of London. If someone was playing for money or just for fun, they wouldn't be in a uniform. For those of us with good imaginations, maybe for just a moment we can imagine ourselves in another country, far, far away, and away from the maddening crowds at WDW.

toolsnspoolsNov 28, 2015

They sound great! Nice addition to the UK pavilion.

Next Big ThingNov 28, 2015

I like that they dress normal, and I happen to think it's very in theme. Street performers like this don't have "uniforms", especially when in this setting. They are just regular people who are performing for the "locals" and dressing in regular clothing fits that. Universal does the same at their Kings Cross station with live saxophonists, guitarists, etc.

Horizons '83Nov 28, 2015

Was just about to post that sentiment.

Timothy_QNov 28, 2015

Love the music! Just wish Disney would put them in some kind of uniform to fit with the country. They look like guests

LuxeNov 28, 2015

I'm really disappointed with this new group they added... Now I'm going to want to stand there and watch them play all day :D These guys are great!

Horizons '83Nov 27, 2015

I really dig this group. Great addition to that area of the showcase. Thanks for the Video!