Pixar Place will transform into a Metroville city block at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sep 20, 2018 in "Pixar Place"

Posted: Thursday September 20, 2018 1:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Incredibles are coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as Pixar Place will transform into a Metroville city block in 2019.

Beginning Jan. 18 2019, guests will meet super suit designer Edna Mode and see some of her greatest creations. They will look for clues to the whereabouts of the youngest Incredible, the mischievous and multi-powered Jack-Jack.

And at the end of the block, guests will celebrate the heroic deeds of Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone, who will make appearances throughout the day during a party featuring lively music, dancing, interactive games and lots more Super fun.

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wdwmagicJan 22, 2020

As far as I know, still Mr, Mrs, Frozone and Edna.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 22, 2020

I thought this was to close down once Batuu East opened?

Justin WalkerJan 22, 2020

So is the character meet and greet here only Edna Mode? Or are there also M&G with other Incredibles? Planning a trip for April and my kids love the Incredibiles so hoping its more than just Edna to meet.

Kman101Oct 06, 2019

It was thrown together. Not an excuse but the truth. I think they did a decent job for what it is. They never followed through with the Jack-Jack scavenger hunt. A few props if you look for them. I have no idea if they will ever get a permanent spot but I have a feeling they will.

MisterPenguinOct 06, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are also still doing M&Gs there. Also, you can visit the lone photopass photographer standing all by themself next to The Incredibles Instagram wall.

YodaManOct 05, 2019

The Super Shindig is gone, but Edna still meets 9:00-6:30. The gate is open from park open to close.

itsy bitsy spiderOct 05, 2019

This Metroville thingy they've done at DHS seems thrown together. I'd rather see the Incredibles get some real... permanent love.

itsy bitsy spiderOct 05, 2019

I'm totally down for an Incredicoaster retheme. Aerosmith doesn't belong in Hollywood anymore.

DisneyDreamerxyzOct 05, 2019

does anyone know the hours for this area currently? do they still close the gate to it at a certain time of night? it doesn't say anything on My Disney Experience or times for the Edna meet n greet.

Kate FSep 09, 2019

No thank you

nickysSep 01, 2019


MansionButler84Sep 01, 2019

I didn’t make the music video. Just watched it. And watched it again.

nickysSep 01, 2019

Right, that’s it. You’ve gone a step too far. Can I report a post for bad taste? 😉

mm52200Sep 01, 2019

Edna Mode Experience is continuing on, just the Super Shindig is closing Sept 30. It’s believed that Mr, Mrs, and Frozone will continue meeting in the area.