Pete's Silly Sideshow adjusting closing times

Apr 18, 2014 in "Pete's Silly Sideshow"

Posted: Friday April 18, 2014 11:01am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pete's Silly Sideshow in the Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus will be adjusting its operating hours from Sunday April 20 2014.

The meet and greet will typically close at the same time as Wishes. On days when Wishes takes place two or more hours before park close, Pete's Silly Sideshow will close 2 hours before the park closes.

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EricJApr 21, 2014

I'd assume that the more preschool attractions don't get much traffic after 7:30-8pm.

JimboJones123Apr 21, 2014

And, WHERE IS HUMPREY? He is on like a dozen posters.

Fox&HoundApr 21, 2014

They should abandon the M&G idea since it seemed kind of random to begin with and make it a tent for Disney themed Carnival games. Sort of like the games in Dinseyland but maybe a little nicer. I could see Dad's playing games to win their kids prizes and it would add a fun element to Circus land. Although, It looks kinds cheap at Chester and Hester's, but if done right, it would be an appropriate fit for the Circus area.

dreamfinderApr 21, 2014

I know, I know. Looking for the branch who has resorted to poorly theming off the shelf technology and trying to write it off as the latest and greatest to do something innovative is a long shot. Was more a thought exercise than any real expectation.

asianwayApr 21, 2014

No park in the world does that...the thought Wdw would be the one to start it is laughable. They've passed on picking up so many characters they could have recently it is clear it's not in the plan. & incinerators. Cc @drew81

Matt_BlackApr 21, 2014

I know many people were disappointed that despite being called Pete's Silly Sideshow, Pete isn't a character you can meet. Pete is awesome, the oldest Disney character still in use (predating even Mickey Mouse), and inspiration to everyone; it's a shame he's not a meetable character.

BoltApr 21, 2014

Once the train closes, that location is a dead end so you have to seek it out to find it. Consider it a rare gem.

dreamfinderApr 21, 2014

Wonder if changing one or more of the spots to a random rarer character would boost or hinder attendance.

asianwayApr 21, 2014

They are horrible. The FOF costumes are much better for a circus theme

Matt_BlackApr 21, 2014

... I think the outfits are neat. I'm hoping for a Dumbo level or something in KH3 just so Donald and Goofy can get those outfits in the game.

Sped2424Apr 20, 2014

Honestly though if they wanted to they could make an excellent attraction in that space and make story book circus more than the dumbo land that it is now.

JimboJones123Apr 20, 2014

Plus, the outfits there are pretty universally hated from what I understand.

Sped2424Apr 20, 2014

Especially for a group of characters who don't need it considering how they are literally EVERYWHERE in the parks.

Cardinals314Apr 19, 2014

Not surprised by this at all. The hours will probably change again in the future. It just goes to show that actual attractions are worth the extra investment than creating yet more meet and greets.