VIDEO - The Paul McKenna Band opens at Epcot's United Kingdom pavilion

Nov 28, 2014 in "Paul McKenna Band"

Posted: Friday November 28, 2014 11:55am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The last of the new acts to join Epcot's refreshed World Showcase entertainment line-up has made its debut at the United Kingdom.

The Paul McKenna Band is a 4 piece acoustic folk band, performing just outside the The Crown and Crest shop in the heart of the United Kingdom pavilion. Show times are at 11am, 11:50am, 12:45pm, 1:40pm, 2:35pm, 3:35pm and 4:50pm. Check them out on your next visit to Epcot, and until then, see our video below from one of their first shows at Epcot.

The pavilions other band, The British Revolution, continues to play in the garden band stand.

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cookiee_munsterAug 10, 2015

im pretty sure im not the only brit who clicked on this thread and was expecting this guy to be fronting...

wdwmagicAug 10, 2015

Quick update on this band. They now have mics, played over a portable amp/speaker. So it still sounds very intimate, but is easier to hear.

MinnieM123Nov 30, 2014

Indeed, that may be a reason. I'd also like to share that I live near a large city, and I have seen multiple street performers both with, and without, microphones.

Jon81ukNov 30, 2014

I assume lack of microphone is to make them look more like street performers

Matt_BlackNov 30, 2014

Jazz combo. No music is more American than jazz.

eddiehNov 30, 2014

Although they are very good, they remind me of most of the entertainment that is now at Downtown Disney.

BoltNov 30, 2014

I bet they could get a whistle if they asked.

Mike SNov 30, 2014

I have the same complaint about the lack of microphones.

wannabeBelleNov 30, 2014

I saw the Paul McKenna band today and they are pretty freakin' amazing. The lead singer is great although they have got to give him a microphone. As they are playing right there on the walkway, the band and the singer do tend to get drowned out pretty quickly. A great act, nice people and well worth the time to get over there to see. While I was around I wandered over to the Flag team in Italy. They were good!!! There is a beauty and a grace not to mention skill that is apparent much more so in person that on the videos I have seen. Also the lead guy there does announce some of the routines and as he doesnt have a microphone either, it is tough to hear him as well. What is up with the lack of microphones for those people?? Marie

FutureCEONov 29, 2014

Cirque du Soleil needs to go to Canada as a replacement to the lumberjacks...just a small act, nothing major

Kman101Nov 29, 2014

I think it's deliberate they look like "street" performers (just a guess, not an excuse for "lousy costumes"). I'm not seeing the big deal in this if that would be the case? You don't expect a street performer in the "real world" to have a fancy costume with a name tag. I think they're trying to go for authentic performances in the pavilions with the new acts that replaced the other ones. Hence, IMO, for example, they probably think the lumberjacks are authentic and what you'd find at a local fair. They just badly missed the boat on that one. It's just not the spot or the place for them.

packwingfnNov 29, 2014

Aren't these new acts 3rd party and not cast memberS? So Disney does not provide their costumes and they would probably have to bring or make their own costumes

BrerJonNov 29, 2014

It's just Disney being typically cheap. If they'd put their minds to it they could have had proper costumes and added a bit of theming to things, instead of the very lazy approach of 'the theme is they've stepped off the street'. Wow, how long did it take imagineering to come up with that one?

goodolgmNov 29, 2014

I like this...hope to catch them next time around!