Once Upon A Time closed for refurbishment this week

Mar 06, 2017 in "Once Upon A Time"

Posted: Monday March 6, 2017 6:33am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's new castle projection show, "Once Upon A Time," is currently closed for refurbishment.

The show will be dark through to March 9, with performances resuming on Friday March 10 2017 at 9:45pm.

Work is taking place on installing the infrastructure for the park's upcoming "Happily Ever After" show that will replace Wishes.

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jrhwdwMar 11, 2017

OUAT is back. Saw most of it periscope. Nothing new that I saw. Periscope is prob. not the place to test the clarity of the projections so IDK if they look any better. Maybe they'll upgrade it closer to or after HEA's opening?

jrhwdwMar 08, 2017

Ah, well we'll see!


I was talking about happily ever after.

jrhwdwMar 07, 2017

OUAT??? Or Wishes? I don't think it sounds anything like Fantasy. OUAT was made first for TDL and I don't think they used Fantasy for inspiration, I could be wrong.


Is it me or does this Happily Ever After soundtrack have a similar sound to the original fantasy in the sky?


I never heard that, maybe it was

Coaster LoverMar 06, 2017

I thought that Disneyland Forever was always intended to only be temporary for the 60th anniversary...


Well it took only 2 years for forever to die out and for Remember to come back with projections, let's see how long it takes for them to bring back wishes with projections. I'd love to see a projection of Chernobog and have the castle turn into bald mountain then that song comes up. Forever the way I see it was only there to make the technology worth while make a new show for all that extra hype, once it does down they scraped it and bought back the old show.

disneySimple2016Mar 06, 2017

I got to see Wishes Original for Last time back in February 2017! I was sad this was going away. :( Oh well good things must comes to end. Disney World taking out lots of my favorite things lately, I'm only going every few years Disney Trip is not cheap!

jrhwdwMar 06, 2017

LOL!!!!!!!! No, that would be for MK's RDCT.......if they ever get one .......then, what would it be? MSEP or Spectro?

22YrsDVCMar 06, 2017

Haaaaa -Haaaaa-Heee. Very funny and original, too. Thanks for the giggle.

Clamman73Mar 06, 2017

Maybe they'll project the Electrical parade on the castle and call it "Once Upon A Time There Was An Electrical Parade"

marni1971Mar 06, 2017

Remember, TDLs OUAT is their big night time show. WDW will have HEA afterwards. Why give all the tricks away in the first show? There's a reason RoE doesn't use the syncrolites, earthglobe and seawall launchers all during chaos.

wdwmagicMar 06, 2017

Lasers don't belong on the castle, but that ship has sailed. Why have all the same show elements in both shows? One becomes pointless.