VIDEO - Muppet Mobile Lab full show

Oct 03, 2016 in "Muppet Mobile Lab"

Posted: Monday October 3, 2016 4:36pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

We brought you a quick look at the return of the muppet Mobile Lab earlier today, and we now have a video of their full show from Epcot.

If you are in Epcot soon, keep a look out in Future World. The 10 minute show begins and ends at the former Innoventions, although show times are not yet being published, and appear variable.

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Tom P.Mar 03, 2018

FWIW, we were at Epcot in September of last year about mid-day one day and happened to run across it. Food and Wine was going on at the time, but otherwise it was an ordinary day with nothing unusual happening. We never saw a schedule for it or anything like that, though. We just happened to run across it as it was happening.

Kman101Mar 03, 2018

I don't think there's a posted schedule, and many castmembers seem unaware of a schedule when asked, but they do try and find out for you. It's kind of weird how it's handled. Unless the guide changed to include it but judging by the questions in here I don't think they have. I think it has a schedule, just not made public. Anyway, I do think it runs regularly and has been, I think it's just one of those things not talked about much but it's not advertised so we kind of forget about it. No one's come on here to say it's been dumped so I assume it's still a regular offering. I don't think it's every day though (or wasn't last year when I had asked), so I'd ask.

PizzaPlanetMar 03, 2018

I spotted Muppet Mobile Labs last year at Flower and Graden but assumed it ran all the time. Is this not the case?

EPCOTCenterLoverMar 03, 2018

The show could have had other content with the Muppets performing out the windows somewhere by the theater. Just as the famous parrot by PotC.

No NameMar 03, 2018

But the show in Liberty Square is about American history and the mobile lab is kind of about science. What does DHS have to do with either of those? The liberty square show, in particular, has no place in DHS.

MaximumEdMar 03, 2018

I’d love to see a Muppets dark ride.

Kman101Mar 02, 2018

I agree with that sentiment. But I also like their usage in those places. But I can agree with wanting a more compelling and complete experience. It's too bad we'll never get the dark ride we should have had.

EPCOTCenterLoverMar 02, 2018

IMHO, Mobile Labs and the show in Liberty Square could be better utilized in fleshing out their Studio presence, making it a more compelling and complete experience.

Kman101Mar 02, 2018

I know there's a wink there, but personally I think the Mobile Lab fits quite well into Epcot. I also think a retooled MuppetVision would fit quite well (*ducks and hides*)

yedliWMar 02, 2018

We fly down Sunday, I'm hoping to see this!

EPCOTCenterLoverMar 01, 2018

And why is it not in DHS??? ;)

SteamboatJoeMar 01, 2018

The video I saw was posted around 2:45 yesterday. I believe it was a live feed.

EricsBiscuitMar 01, 2018

What time is the Muppet Mobile Lab? I usually go to Epcot later in the day and never see it but next week I'm staying on property. Thanks

Kman101Mar 01, 2018

Glad to hear it's continuing to be used!