Opening dates set for the return of the Laugh Floor, Beauty and the Beast, Turtle Talk and more at Walt Disney World this summer

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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club exterior - May 10 2021
Posted: Wednesday July 21, 2021 1:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today confirmed reopening dates for four more entertainment experiences at Walt Disney World this summer.

Disney's Hollywood Studios


Starting August 1 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, 'Wonderful World of Animation' makes a return to the park after dark.

On August 15 'Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage' returns to the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard.

Magic Kingdom

'Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor' reopens in Tomorrowland on August 8.


'Turtle Talk with Crush' reopens August 21 at the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

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fgmnt6 days ago

BatB is the only returning show with any significant live-action performance... Fantasmic, IJ, Finding Nemo are 3 big holes.

bcoachable6 days ago

No citizens? They are (were?) so good. Such a small thing, but it increased the atmosphere by big amounts… SMH I am happy for the other performers who are finding their way back on stage!

Jedi Osborn6 days ago

I agree. If they're cutting that and the star wars run in the spring it seems like they're backing off SW a little? Maybe?

doctornick6 days ago

But it makes you wonder, why not? Seems like it wouldn't be difficult to play Galactic Spectacular after WWoA and it would pretty much already have the same crowd control measures in place. Obviously, there would be some increased costs to the show elements, but that seems like a drop in the bucket compared to other expenses.

Jedi Osborn6 days ago

Ah, okay. Thanks for the links, that was terrific. So then.... Perhaps no galactic spectacular. That's too bad.

MisterPenguin6 days ago

Separate. Here are the pre-pandemic hub-shows in DHS...

Jedi Osborn6 days ago

When they talk about the Wonderful World of Animation, that's separate from the "Star Wars show" that used to follow it, right? Or do I have my shows confused? That show was the highlight of my trip. I hope it comes back

Phicinfan6 days ago

Will just have to hope for soft openings, I am in WDW week of August 1st - and leaving the 4th... I really miss the laugh floor sigh

FutureCEO6 days ago

Yes. I have a new show at the Studios to miss. Projections with millions of people next to you. Haven't been to the Studios since forever.

mergatroid7 days ago

Great to hear, now let the complaining begin :D

Disney Analyst7 days ago

All I can think is that it's such a shame they didn't use all this time to create a new show instead of the stale, old, and incredibly tired BATB.... Or at least replace it with a version of the Cruise Ship version...

havoc3157 days ago

Ah, got the dates confused. That's good.. I don't think BATB exactly will draw huge crowds. But will relieve crowds a bit during the day.

brettf227 days ago

Welcomed returns. And, finally, something that doesn't start on October 1! 😁

doctornick7 days ago

WWoA starts August 1 per the article. the return of BatB is 8/15.