Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade final performance date set

May 06, 2014 in "Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade"

Posted: Tuesday May 6, 2014 9:31am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade will have its final performance on May 31 2014.

The parade at Disney's Animal Kingdom is permanently closing, and will not be replaced. Other entertainment experiences are in development for the park, including the new 'Rivers of Light' nighttime show.

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DisneyDreamer08Jun 08, 2023

Yup, those and the pre-park opening shows. Those shows were such a fun way to start the day.

SD449Jun 08, 2023

Crazy they don’t have a parade all parks, used to be the Disney difference…

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 08, 2023

Also, there is this pink Cadillac that was used at the parks shown here...

No NameJun 08, 2023

Damn, I saw the picture on the front page and had a brief moment of false hope. Still cool though.

MattyBearJun 07, 2023

That was such a great parade.

brb1006Jun 07, 2023

I remember when WDW used to have parades at all their parks that used to run daily.

Ricky SpanishJun 07, 2023

The Volo museum is about an hour NW of me. Never been there. I have seen the Volo museum set up at an antique flea market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and they have a bunch of overpriced Disney items for sale( pins, lunch boxes, view masters, etc)

BrenthodgeJun 07, 2023

Remember those crazy days when all Disney parks actually had this cool stuff called “included entertainment “ that set them apart from all the competitors??? Ahhhh the good old days!

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 07, 2023

They also own a Stars And Motorcars vehicle and a Epcot Double Decker vehicle as well..

VicariousCorpseJun 07, 2023


brb1006Jun 07, 2023


JwheeJun 07, 2023

Sorry for the crazy bump.. But thought this was pretty cool. Looks like 2 of the parade floats are on display in some car museum

note2001Jun 05, 2014

This made me cry. Hope they can bring back something be it a show or whatever using the music and costumes.

Cesar R MJun 01, 2014

Thank you again wdwmagic! sad to see it is finally gone, I really liked this parade, specially the segment of Minnie (after Rafiki with Chip and Dale dancing)