Santa's Chalet opens at Downtown Disney today with new wait system

Nov 14, 2014 in "Marketplace"

Posted: Friday November 14, 2014 9:03am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Festival of the Seasons begins today at Downtown Disney, and this year will see a new wait system used for the very popular Santa meet and greet.

Located in the Santa Chalet between World of Disney and Basin, guests can meet Santa 5pm - 9:30pm, from November 14 - 20, and 12pm - 9:30pm, from November 21 to December 24.

From December 25 - 29, guests can meet Santa Goofy from 3pm to 9:30pm.

If the queue is longer than 30 minutes, Cast Members will be handing out pagers, or a guests can opt to receive a text message. When Santa become available, the guest will be contacted to return to the chalet for an approximate 20 minute wait.

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grdxribeiroNov 15, 2014

It would be FastPass only after the first thirty minutes.

ravenNov 14, 2014

So wait. They give you a pager and when it goes off and you still have to wait 20 minutes? :cautious:

prberkNov 14, 2014

I was expecting the new wait system to be "come back at your fastpass+ MM+ return time of two hours from now, or within one hour of it," and that, after the first thirty minutes of people waiting in line no one would be allowed to wait. It would be FastPass only after the first thirty minutes.

mm121Nov 14, 2014

oh i know, but usually at a restaurant there isn't a big area for patrons to get spread out and far away while they wait, like wondering around DD can be.

BoltNov 14, 2014

A lot of restaurants do both now, too

mm121Nov 14, 2014

sounds like a good plan, but surprised they would do physical pagers rather than just texts. as pagers would have a limited range and the possibility of disappearing if people choose to no longer wait