VIDEO - Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band take to the new Germany Pavilion stage

Aug 01, 2016 in "Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band"

Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band overview
Posted: Monday August 1, 2016 8:09am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Germany Pavilion has a new live entertainment act - world famous yodeler Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band.

Taking place on the brand new Germany gazebo, the group brings live music to the pavilion, outside of the Biergarten Restaurant for the first time.

You can catch the group's 15 minute show Wednesday through Sunday, with typical showtimes of 1:05pm, 2:10pm, 3:10pm, 5p, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

Here is a look at one of their performances in the new Germany gazebo.

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Thumper 32Aug 13, 2016

Since no one found it yet, here goes. The band inside Marrakesh that accompanies the belly dancer was cut from two people to a single keyboard. Oddly enough the Epcot times guide now advertises "new" next to the listing for Marrakesh, so I guess they're proud of this budget cut?

RoysCabinAug 03, 2016

Really, these are the types of things World Showcase needs; said it in another thread, but EPCOT is the greatest "hang out" park in creation, with its great layout, architecture, food/drink options, music, "street performances", etc., so the more like this the merrier (though there's still an Off-Kilter'd sized hole in my heart), interesting stuff to stop and enjoy while having a pretzel or beer or just sitting on a bench in a nicely kept part of the park. Granted, I'd be very happy with another boat ride or two in a couple of the pavilions, but I'll take stuff like this in the meantime.

Thumper 32Aug 03, 2016

Great news and much needed. Though it can be argued that it's not as much of an addition as a long overdue filling in of the gap days with nothing in Japan since Miyuki left.

BoltAug 03, 2016

Effective Sunday, Japanese drummers are now 7 days rather than 5. They use to be dark on Fridays and Sunday's. So that's actually another addition.

NearTheEarsAug 02, 2016

Few things are truly unique, but I don't think I've ever seen yodeling live before. They've been cycling through acts a lot lately, so we'll see how long it lasts. Hoping to catch it once my blackout is over.

Thumper 32Aug 02, 2016

They're less obvious than usual, but still cuts. I'll mention the obvious one that anyone can notice on the schedules. UK pub musician is now only 5 days per week instead of 7. (Also moved to afternoons instead of evenings) I'll leave the other one as a scavenger hunt for a bit, to see how observant people are. Two scoops of hummus to the winner. ;)

Next Big ThingAug 02, 2016

What cutbacks do you speak of?

No NameAug 02, 2016

While it's not the most unique choice of entertainment, it's certainly nice. And the more the better. Even if heavy crowds don't stop to watch these groups, they certainly lighten the atmosphere. 10 people may watch the whole performance, but 1,000 may pass by and hear the music, possibly look at the performers. I'd argue that that's their biggest effect. And the accordian is a very cool instrument.

jaklgreenAug 02, 2016

I love this. I think all of the countries should have some folk musicians out. I always stop and watch Mariachi Cobra and loved Mo'Rockin. My Mom played the accordion.

HerahAug 02, 2016

We saw this yesterday, and my teenagers were actually impressed. They had never heard yodeling outside of Snow White. There happened to be several young people in the crowd that knew how to polka, and now my oldest wants to learn.

Thumper 32Aug 01, 2016

Forgot to say though, thanks for posting the video, nice to see something added to the area. Though has anyone noticed the two other Epcot entertainment cutbacks that (probably not so coincidentally) went in to effect recently?

Thumper 32Aug 01, 2016

The article says it's the first time entertainment has come to the outside of the pavilion which isn't quite true. It's been a loooong time, but back in the 80s, there was an alpine trio that played in the land. If I remember right, I think there was even a while that the trio played inside Biergarten at lunch and then outside once the larger band took over for the rest of the day inside.

BoltAug 01, 2016

Maybe it's my heritage, but I love an accordion.

wdwmagicAug 01, 2016

VIDEO - Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band take to the new Germany Pavilion stage