Lamp posts turn to gold on Main Street U.S.A. as the 50th anniversary decor continues to be installed

8 days ago in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Golden lamp posts on Main Street U.S.A.
Posted: Thursday September 9, 2021 9:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

First, there was the golden clock, and now there are golden lamp posts as Main Street U.S.A. continues to be embellished ahead of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary.

Unlike the clock, the lamp posts are not totally gold, but the traditional green now has a gold accent at the top and around parts of the pole.

Disney has previously said we can expect some 50th touches to the fall decor, so it seems there is more to come to the poles that include the Mickey pumpkin heads.

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wtyy211 minute ago

WDW without Cinderella Castle is kinda like Disneyland without sleeping beauty castle.

Cmdr_Crimson2 hours ago

Just seems a little strange to have 2 Mickey statues so close to each other..

MagicHappens19712 hours ago

I would assume Mickey & Minnie may be here to stay and maybe placed on different pedestals or have the 50th logo removed

Cmdr_Crimson2 hours ago

It's like DHS for example..The Earful Tower should still be the symbol and Icon of the park instead of an Abandoned Hotel looming in the distance.. And in another weird choice is the Image they use for DHS in the McDonald's Happy Meal toy for the 50th..While They couldn't Use Chinese Theater or ToT for licensing...What did they do? They took a photo of The backside of Hollywood Blvd to represent DHS.. Photo from Laughing Place

Gottliebjess4 hours ago

Cinderella’s Castle is part of WDW. If it doesn’t represent WDW, what does? It’s an attraction and it’s being celebrated as part of the 50th. This is not intended to be combative, I’m really trying to understand your viewpoint on this. What is WDW and how do you celebrate it then?

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

And... it's by or on the castle. So, definitely not out of place.

Cmdr_Crimson5 hours ago

I question if this is permanent or will it be moved after the anniversary along with Mickey & Minnie to be placed somewhere else..

Figments Friend5 hours ago

I like the Cinderella artwork banners. :) -

Brian10 hours ago

Going on vacation for a few days so I'm just gonna prepare: I don't like it. Please quote above as new announcements are made. Thank you.

WondersOfLife11 hours ago

There’s a pattern at Epcot and MK, but not AK or HS.

Dan Deesnee11 hours ago

All the decorations look plastic is a common complaint. Now we're complaining because something looks hand made?

ImperfectPixie12 hours ago

Which is why I prefer that we don't do the equivalent of dressing it up like a clown (pukey pink cake).

dreday312 hours ago

How is celebrating Cinderella/Cinderella's castle not a part of the 50th? The castle is the one of the most memorable icons there is of Magic Kingdom!

hpyhnt 100012 hours ago

I don't know, have you seen how many special edition cupcakes Disney has put out? It is a running joke on here after all! ;) I'm with you on the gold, actually, and wonder how the castle would have looked in a white/blue/gold ribbon scheme vs. the pink/blue/"earidescent" ribbon we currently have. Funnily enough, you could argue it's now become part of the resort's history because it was so... memorable and opinions are still so strong about it. At any rate, a big birthday cake for a birthday celebration made a lot of sense to me, even if the execution quickly fell apart when you weren't looking straight down Main Street. But it was bold, fun, and certainly signaled, "Hey, something special is going on." Also, I'm ALL for decorating the castle (and other park icons) for these milestone events - have at it in my book! It's the Mary Blair specific banners that don't quite fit to me. As I said earlier, why not put MK or WDW concept art on them since it's WDW's 50th anniversary? The other banner with a simple 50 on it works.