Lamp posts turn to gold on Main Street U.S.A. as the 50th anniversary decor continues to be installed

Sep 09, 2021 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Golden lamp posts on Main Street U.S.A.
Posted: Thursday September 9, 2021 9:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

First, there was the golden clock, and now there are golden lamp posts as Main Street U.S.A. continues to be embellished ahead of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary.

Unlike the clock, the lamp posts are not totally gold, but the traditional green now has a gold accent at the top and around parts of the pole.

Disney has previously said we can expect some 50th touches to the fall decor, so it seems there is more to come to the poles that include the Mickey pumpkin heads.

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OwlHouseKing9742 minutes ago

Can we just end the Mickey cavalcades after 3/31 since he and his friends have returned to their normal meeting spots at Magic Kingdom, and basically has more showtimes than the Adventure Friends Cavalcade(which only has one showing, even after the Halloween and Xmas parties have long passed for the season), let that be the sole cavalcade moving forward post-50th(even though I don't approve of Raya taking Moana's spot in that cavalcade(they made Moana walk for no reason, even though she's more popular than both Merida or Elena), when she was meant to replace Merida(and NOT Marie), when Raya made a surprise debut in November).

Drdcm53 minutes ago

It’s lazy and asleep at the wheel. It somehow managed to get fat (wallet) despite doing virtually nothing. Also, you can buy one in the Japan pavilion.

TTA941 hour ago

Depending on what WDW has in mind post 50th could we be hearing this in replacement of “The Magic Is Calling”?

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Maybe we should remind WDW that the color for the 100th is Platinum, which, in a matte paint, is white. The secondary color is a dark bluish purple. Which is the color of the turrets. Repainting it back makes it perfectly fit for the 100th. Someone, get on that.

DisneyKid932 days ago

That's not SpectroMagic. It's just Part of Your World. The song was part of SpectroMagic's intro so that is why it sounds familiar.

drnilescrane2 days ago

Which happened at DLR post 50th and 60th. It was Pepto-Bismol pink and gold for a long time after the 50th, and sat with visible damage from the 60th decorations until 2019. At least WDW didn't copy Tokyo with that gaudy brown look from circa 2006.

ToTBellHop2 days ago

I’ve been saying for awhile that they’ll just let it fade. They will briefly have crews on-site to remove the 50th decor but they did not book anything for months as would be required for painting.

gerarar2 days ago

I've only seen MickeyViews talk about it. How reliable it is up to you, so take it with grain of salt. He did (kinda) break the news that the castle would be repainted some rose gold color, I believe.

Fantasmik2 days ago

Have there been any rumblings of returning the castle to its correct colors?

Squishy6 days ago

DL is honoring WDW more than the 50th did... There new show has a snip of SpectroMagic's audio.

ToTBellHop11 days ago

Sirius XM’s Disney channel has a weekly special called Extra Magic Hour and this week’s is strangely called “Disneyland Parks” but is actually all WDW music and actually a pretty good tribute to the 50th. It includes an audio file of “You Are the Magic”. Didn’t realize that was released like “Happily Ever After” was.

drizgirl17 days ago

They are usually up through Marathon weekend. Typically down by Monday morning. So they are a little late, but not much.

ToTBellHop17 days ago

MVMCP 2023 is just weeks away! Glad they are set up already.

dreday317 days ago

Why are the Christmas decorations still up at MK? That would drive me crazy!!!