VIDEO - Farewell to the Magic Kingdom Main Street Electrical Parade

Oct 11, 2016 in "Main Street Electrical Parade"

Main Street Electrical Parade final performance
Posted: Tuesday October 11, 2016 11:48am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Since its debut in the early 70's, the original Main Street Electrical Parade set the standard for nighttime spectaculars in theme parks.

Bringing a variety of beloved Disney animated feature films to life with floats covered in twinkling lights, the Main Street Electrical parade is perhaps best known for its iconic musical theme, the electrically synthesized "Baroque Hoedown."

Some of the parade's highlights include the smoke-breathing, tail-wagging Pete’s Dragon; and the 108-foot-long red, white and blue flag finale - all brought to life with nearly half a million LEDs.

The parade has gone through a lot of iterations and updates over the years as it has travelled around the world, and the Main Street Electrical Parade's next home is a return to Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, where it will begin a limited engagement in early 2017.

For one final time, here is a look at one of the Main Street Electrical Parade's last trips through Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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jrhwdwFeb 27, 2020

Isn't that something!!! You wouldn't think that DL is the only US Park doing that right now Rollseyes! I keep saying DL knows how to handle entertainment and crowds!!! Everyone was worried about the 60th, but after years of FITS, F! & Night Parades(MSEP, LM and Mulan)I wasn't worried about it at all! And the F!/PTN & F!/MSEP periods has been FANTASTIC!! I'm sure that MK can get back to the Night Parade/HEA routine real quick if it wants too! The routine is still there for the Parties!

disney4life2008Feb 27, 2020

But we know Disneyland is cut from a different rope. If I recall, the main reason for eliminating night parades was because they could close the park earlier which they definitely have. And in the last 5 to 7 years, they pushed people away from magic Kingdom to animal kingdom. Yet, night safari was disastrous. And we all know whay happened with rivers of light. Does anyone remember back in 2009? Fantasmic used to have 2 showings during the busy season. Granted they still do to a lessor extent. But in 2009, the cut fantasmic all together on some nights I think weekday. Then reduced to one show on weekends. Why? They wanted to save the $30,000 per night cost of Fantasmic. The real reason, get ready American Idol Experience was a dismal failure and they wanted that to be the ending show. Disney makes very poor decisions and it will only get worse. And they can increase ticket prices as much as they want, people will still go in droves.

marni1971Feb 26, 2020

Last fall I was shocked and embarrassed in Disneyland - two Fantasmics, two DEPs and one Halloween Screams. One park, one evening.

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 26, 2020

And that’s because there is only 1 major nighttime show to watch so everyone lines up for it. The night parades help spread out the crowds over the entire parade route and will help lower the crowds for the fireworks since many families will choose 1 of the night parades OR the fireworks. It was a brilliant operations move to have 2 night parades and fireworks. That’s why they did it for decades and still do it in California.

doctornickFeb 26, 2020

And to make it even better, why not add a theater in that area so we have another attraction in the park?

SplashJacketFeb 26, 2020

The solution is simple. Make the Mainstreet bypass open throughout the park's operation.

JayKZFeb 26, 2020

It's almost impossible to navigate Main Street after dark on most evenings. People start staking out their places for HEA hours before it starts. The logistical challenges of getting a parade through that mass of humanity are becoming nearly insurmountable.

Dead2009Feb 26, 2020

The thread says not to bump this so Im doing it anyway. You're not my real mom.

lazyboy97oFeb 26, 2020

Greater attendance is why there should be more entertainment, not less.

TTA94Feb 26, 2020

Yeah I’m sure IF MK ever does get a nighttime parade again it will probably only have one performance. It will be interesting to see how they manage a parade with the HEA crowds. Sure they used to run two performances of Spectro and MSEP plus Wishes, but crowds have definitely increased since those days, sadly.

disney4life2008Feb 26, 2020

The days of a 8pm spectromagic, wishes at 9pm, and spectromagic at 11pm are over. The greatest joy was going to the making kingdom on an evening emh catching the fireworks, second parade then the park closing at 3am.

WildstarFeb 26, 2020

Termites wrecked the float yet Shanghai and Hong Kong have full working floats only problem is China parks are closed indefinitely with zero return time on opening

brb1006Feb 22, 2020

WDW Fans since late 2010

MaryJanePFeb 22, 2020

Basically, when hell freezes over. (the above quote is from 2016, so progress is a subjective evaluation)