Disney expands Pin Trading into new PinQuest scavenger hunt

Jun 30, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday June 30, 2016 1:56pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom is today launching a new pay-to-play scavenger hunt called PinQuest.

To get started, you will need to purchase an Adventure Kit starter set at $14.99, which contains a lanyard, pouch, clue decoder and map.

On visiting a participating shop in the park, you next buy a Clue Card for $9.99, which contains a question, with the answer found somewhere in the store. On completion of the puzzle (verified by a NavigatEAR Cast Member), you receive a special limited release pin.

There are six clue cards in total (one for each shop), and after completing all six, you can then visit either the Trading Post in Frontierland or Curtain Call Collectibles on Main Street for the final riddle. Once successful completion, the final riddle unlocks the option to purchase the final QuestEAR pin for $4.99.

Participating locations are: Big Top Souvenirs in Storybook Circus, Briar Patch, Frontierland, Curtain Call Collectibles on Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasy Faire in Fantasyland, Trading Post in Frontierland, Tomorrowland Light and Power Company.

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FrostyNaplesJul 06, 2016

We did this on July 3rd. It was a lot of fun, and I hope Disney continues to create more interactive scavenger pin hunts like this one. Overall took us a leisurely 3hrs, in between a fast pass or two, some food, etc. Took advantage of the train to circle around the park without walking through all the crowds. Complainers will complain, if you cannot afford $80 in pins, cya, do something else, this isn't hurting you by not participating. Value is one million percent subjective, we liked it, you may not. All the cast members had fun participating, only one of them improperly stamped our map at the time the clue was purchased instead of after we came up with the clue answer, but that will happen. A lot of them were in training for it, just came out late last week so this is expected. Another excellent novelty to add to our collection :D

mousehockey37Jul 04, 2016

I do see this as a fun thing to do... only if you have the time and extra money to do it. As others said, this is an AP holder summer thing or maybe something for our international guests on holiday can do (since they normally come over for 3 weeks at a time). For those vacationing for roughly a week? They're going to want to get the most out of their park tickets (riding rides, meeting characters?, etc...). In 2014, I bought the MNSSHP pin set (the 5 pins in the pumpkin box). I knew I wanted it before I left and budgeted for it. Will I do something like that again? Probably not, but I got all the pins in the box at 1 time. I didn't have to go "hunt the park" for the other pins. From this point on, I'll mostly pick up some of the neater pins I find (as I do like to collect them) as they make nicer, cheaper souvenirs (in comparison to a lot of other merchandise). But I'll limit myself to just a few. I like the idea but it doesn't seem as though it will be a huge success. I do agree with others that this is going to be something, that to do it, it's going to drag you through all the shops and if you have younger kids, put your wallet/magic band linked to CC in danger of a high balance because of "other things" you'll find or the kids will want along the way besides the pins.

-emJul 04, 2016

We did the quest today and rather enjoyed it. Felt it was designed well with decent 'mystery questions', the pins a nice matched set and the CMs had fun with it.. Always had one or two people around us in different parts of the game so decently popular.. My only minor complaint was having the 'right' register marked in each spot. Some had the Quest sign on 'the' register (yeah!) others no so it took some questioning and a few min waiting in wrong lines (boo)

tribbleorlflJul 04, 2016

Thanks for the clarification, bc I was curious. They did NOT give us AP d/c's on the Remy or Easter Egg maps, so I was expecting the same with this.

WhatJaneSaysJul 03, 2016

WDW had things similar to this in the past many times.However it was restricted to AP holder only (and you often had to park hop). $80 for 7 pins, lanyard, and metal is less than comparable items from those same stores.

ZipadeeladyJul 02, 2016

Now that's funny! But hey, we have a trip coming up and the kiddos bought my a handful of pins to trade for my birthday. Now all I need is a lanyard, and I thought this looked like it would be fun. I've changed my mind.

hopemaxJul 02, 2016

It's not the first time they've done things like this. In Ye Olde Days of Pin Trading aka early-mid 2000's, they would release a pin series with one pin in each of the parks, one pin at Downtown Disney, and 1-2 pins at various resorts. So people would spend half a day driving around to get them all. Only there was no $15 lanyard purchase, and the map and "completer" pin would be free.

asianwayJul 01, 2016

That's what they all say.

danlb_2000Jul 01, 2016


asianwayJul 01, 2016

Not if the subject matter is crap like these are, they'll lose half the value the minute you walk away from the cash register. Or wait for clearance like the crap Remy pins from food and wine

wogwogJul 01, 2016

You catch on fast. Good thinking.

asianwayJul 01, 2016

Friends dont let friends buy pins.

ZipadeeladyJul 01, 2016

At $14.99 I was in and looking forward to doing this, that is until I continued to read. Kinda Bummed now.

No NameJul 01, 2016

Sounds cool! Pin trading happens to be a big part of my trips. The price is pretty hefty, but for me, I think it'd be worth it It doesn't really affect anything else in the parks, other than taking up some of the CMs' time. So I say that this a great way for Disney to make extra money. Next, I wish they'd crack down on fakes from China. Oh, and NavagatEAR is among the corniest of names I've heard. :D