Permit filing suggests 11 acre expansion to the Magic Kingdom parking lot

Apr 30, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday April 30, 2019 3:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Recently filed permits suggest that the Magic Kingdom will be further expanding its parking facility at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

According to the filing for a new retention pond, "This facility will also provide treatment for a proposed parking expansion within the Magic Kingdom Guest Parking Lot. That expansion is a part of this permit and will remove an 11.4 acre wetland and replace that same area with a paved parking surface." (Thanks to danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for locating the permit)

The wetland area to be paved is in the center of the parking lot, and is currently a forested area. The new large retention pond would be in the place of the existing Mickey shaped pond.

It has only been a few years since the TTC expanded its parking capacity into the former Speedway area, but continual increases in attendance seem to support the need for more parking.

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Monorail_Red_77Aug 10, 2019

Here’s a few pics from today along world drive. The oaks that line the former Speedway (not the gas station LOL). Looks like they are being removed and placed somewhere else on property. Glad to see this rather than just cutting them down. They are digging around each tree and boxing up the roots, essentially makes a big wooden box around the tree. From MK parking exit down to the gas station (the other Speedway). I assume this is so they can reuse the trees as well as making room the second phase of World Drive expansion as the push north from the flyovers back to the new four lane section to the north.

Tanna ErosMay 03, 2019

So I'm not the only one that heard that song in my head?

LensmanMay 02, 2019

I wonder if there are any permeable paver systems that would stand up to the usage that the MK lot would see? Actually, if it's an overflow lot, it might not actually see *that* much usage and so it might be a good candidate for a permeable paver system (like TRUEGRID or the like). As mentioned in other threads, they have better stormwater management properties so that could add to their cost-effectiveness since Disney is water-management limited on their property. I'm not entirely against the idea of a parking structure, but I'm not entirely certain or convinced that it would be better in all ways. It could be, but I'd like to hear the tradeoffs, if any. Related: I'd like to see them spend the money on improving resort transportation instead. Make me not want to drive by giving me something better than the bus system.

mm121May 02, 2019

The biggest issue of building huge garages at the parks is that Disney would actually have to pay for them. The Disney springs garages were paid for with RCID bonds since they are considered public use, not private like at the parks would be since their paid. I dont really see them building a resort in the old parking lot since it wouldn't really have a view of anything. Wishing to be able to build on more property that was previously designed as wetlands and buildable is the reason why they have been buying more land further away from core wdw to set aside for permanent conservation. But this is getting off topic. There was a big thread awhile back about a bunch of peoples visions for what they'd like to see done at the TTC

UnpluggedMay 02, 2019

The other consideration about expanding MK parking that seems to only have been eluded to, is that when the MK parking lot fills but the park is not yet at capacity, the overflow parking is directed to EPCOT and buses shuttle guests. Expanding MK parking means that WDW may no longer have to shuttle guests, saving them money in the long run. I can't say how the $ formula works out as to where the break even point is (between cost of new lot with parking revenue, verse impact to EPCOT parking and providing shuttle buses/fuel/drivers/bus traffic) but it you know it's been done already and this is justified. I agree with the garage approach, even if parking was a few (emphasis on FEW) dollars more. Making it blend would be easy by keeping it to 3-4 floors including ground and a few rows of trees between it and the resort, all would be good. Same design as the Springs and it would be a reasonable style not impacting the Poly too much IMHO. In that location they can reroute the EPCOT monorail to turn before a new garage, so the garage can have a raised (over road) covered walkway to the TTC. Wouldn't need trams anymore. Then with a garage, they could put another resort or such on the old parking lot, if it's build-able. Plenty of revenue to be had with a better styled solution, more trees, etc. That's what most people mean by cheap. Dropping asphalt, kicking up prices, etc. As opposed to better design with more style and opening potential revenue streams.

monothingieMay 02, 2019

Central Florida mass transit does not exist. The only thing rail link will do is replace the busses that go from MCO to the WDW and USO. Locals going to the parks will always drive. The efforts made to improve parking entrances at the MK and DHS will go a long way to improving things. A potential MK parking structure located by the former race track, if pushed back far from the TTC perhaps with a moving sidewalk or something to the TTC would be a phenomenal way to improve that area. And Please whatever they do, get rid of the HPS lamps that cause that terrible light pollution and install LED luminaires with filters.

MisterPenguinMay 02, 2019

Well, going further down that road (pun intended), if you want to stop sprawl and help the environment, there'd be no parking lot at all and just public transportation to the parks.

monothingieMay 02, 2019

I guess the stopping sprawl and returning pavement to nature takes a back seat to $$.

EricsBiscuitMay 02, 2019

I heard it was going to build the chassis for PTN at WDW

mm121May 02, 2019

Universal Orlando has garages too, while yea they can backup it's really not all that bad.

JoeCamelMay 01, 2019

Don't doubt Penguin's contribution to this site. He/she/it does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to answering questions. @tl77 you really owe H/S/I an apology for that

nickysMay 01, 2019

That’s a rather rude response to someone who’s answering a question. I won’t bother pointing you to some of @MisterPenguin’s amazing “fly-over” overlays of new attractions onto google maps. But maybe you should take a look at his Rumour and Timeline Tracker thread, “stickied” at the top of the Rumours forum:

MisterPenguinMay 01, 2019

I knew the flat imagery of Google Earth was updated long ago. The update to 3D happened just this week. I don't check it hourly, so, I guess I'm totally clueless then when it comes to these maps because of that. The plan for the new lot happened at the time when MK1 and 2 were permitted. And MK1 was subsequently killed. I'm telling you the narrative of what actually happened and what our insiders have already said. But if you want answers directly from an insider who will give you new information that they haven't revealed yet, well, then, I'll let them do that. I promise I'll never again answer any of your questions you throw out to the general public with the intention of only wanting insiders to respond.

danlb_2000May 01, 2019

This area has always been cast parking, they just paved it. It way probably partially related to the parking that would have been lost due to the Main Street Theater and was likely already in the pipeline when that project was canceled but the decided to continue with the project anyway.