Early close for Magic Kingdom on Monday December 2

Nov 29, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday November 29, 2019 12:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom will be closing early on Monday December 2 due to the annual Walt Disney World Service Celebration.

Park hours for the Magic Kingdom on December 2 are 8am to 4:30pm.

The Walt Disney World Service Celebration is a special party for Cast Members who are celebrating employment milestones at Walt Disney World. Fireworks for the event will take place at 9:30pm and will be visible from surrounding resorts.

Congratulations to all the Cast Members attending!

You can view more park hours on our easy to view Walt Disney World calendar.

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ThatMouseDec 04, 2019

Something to watch out for in 2020 I guess since Monday night is typically a good less crowded MK night, and EPCOT gets the extended hours tuesday night. I was just thinking we usually make a 2 night Dec plan sometimes over a year in advance since room discounts are hit or miss now a days.

larryzDec 04, 2019

75th Anniversary: Year of a Million Cast Members

ToTBellHopDec 03, 2019

My mistake. I guess they have just run out of catchphrases. 50th Anniversary: Share in a Dream Come True (no one will notice)

peter11435Dec 03, 2019

Celebrate you was a marketing gimmick. This banner however is specific to this event and was not from that promotion.

ToTBellHopDec 03, 2019

Wasn’t “Celebrate You” a marketing gimmick?

nickysDec 03, 2019

This was known about back in August at least, so way ahead of FP booking. Even before that there were clues that something was happening, in that you couldn’t book ADRs in MK for the evening. Not quite sure why suddenly this seems to be “news”. I think there were threads about it on here, but there certainly were on Touring Plans and the DIS.

ToTBellHopDec 03, 2019

Proof that they save everything. Somewhere there must be a swan boat...

Steph15251Dec 01, 2019

I live in Orlando area and you do not need to drive to get around just saying.Not sure why it matters anyways .

LilofanDec 01, 2019

You don't drive, so how to you get around Orlando ? 😉

Steph15251Dec 01, 2019

I do not drink or drive so that is never an issue for me.

LilofanDec 01, 2019

Don't drink and drive/ must have been a better idea when they had at the resort hotels.

Steph15251Dec 01, 2019

IT is great having it in the parks ,because nearly all the rides are open.

Sweet ThingDec 01, 2019

They change the venue every five years. It used to be held in resort ballrooms. Five years ago it was at DHS. In the next year or so it will be at a different park.

PolydwellerDec 01, 2019

It’s been known since early June. No surprise at all.