Disney World's Magic Kingdom to close early in January 2024

Mar 29, 2023 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2023 7:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will close early on January 29 2024 due to the annual Cast Service celebration event.

Park hours at Magic Kingdom for January 29 2024 are not yet available, but previous service celebrations days have seen a 4:30pm close.

Cast Service celebrations reward Cast Members who have reached certain milestones in their Disney career, ranging from 10 to 50 years.

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jrhwdwJan 30, 2024

Better View of the Castle. Looks like the CMs got The 25th Cake, MK Celebrating DL's 50th and MK's Own 50th Castle as Projections!!!

BocabearJan 30, 2024

Wow! That was great! I especially loved the recreations of the Castle decorations for the anniversary celebrations...

jrhwdwJan 30, 2024

This Show always Amazes Me!!!! I wish MK would do a Version of this for Day Guests! Even if it was just a Summer Offering. I would have put the whole DE Intro in there, since MK kept Walt-Roy-Mickey for DE DAH, but that's Me... Interesting to see Mickey on the Castle Cake it looked like. Also, the 50th Castle was projected during You Are The Magic, We don't get that 50th Projection for DAH!

gerararJan 30, 2024

New-ish firework show, but very similar to the previous CM celebration shows just modified. Only difference is that the HEA intro song was switched with You Are The Magic (from DE). FITS and Wishes are still there in the beginning. And so HEA is now the full-featured show. Also some new narration to go with the changes.

Elizabeth SwannJan 30, 2024

monorail81Jan 29, 2024

Does anyone know what time their fireworks will be?

bmr1591Jan 29, 2024

I wonder what special characters will be out. Wall-E was out last year. I'm genuinely surprised he doesn't appear at EPCOT.

jrhwdwJan 29, 2024

For the Two Years during the 50th, it was DE with a Special Tribute to FITS, Wishes & HEA!. We'll see what we get this Year.......... Any guess on what time that Show would be?

jpedenJan 28, 2024

This would be the best option IMO depending on time of reservation and assuming EPCOT would be open after the dinner reservation at CM’s was complete. However it will take a while going because they’ll have to switch tracks to the resort line at the TTC and then do a full circle to the CR. The bus from springs is more direct but less fun for sure.

TouchdownJan 28, 2024

Bus to Epcot, monorail.

LilofanJan 28, 2024

Why don't you take leisurely boat ride from Port Orleans to Disney Springs if in no rush?

plutofan15Jan 28, 2024

If busses are not running, take a boat or bus to Disney Springs and then a bus to Contemporary. There is always the Uber/Lyft option.

peter11435Jan 28, 2024

You would need to take a boat or bus to Disney springs or bus to another park and board a bus to Contemporary from there.

christychristyJan 28, 2024

Port Orleans- Riverside