The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show moves to Cinderella Castle stage in the new year

Dec 28, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Disney has today confirmed that the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show will move from the front of the park to the Cinderella Castle stage.

Beginning January 9 2017, guests will be allowed to enter the Main Street, U.S.A. area of the park earlier than the park's scheduled opening time for shopping and breakfast at the Main Street Bakery.

At opening, a new welcome show will officially open the park for the day on the Castle Forecourt Stage. A Royal Herald will appear to deliver a proclamation and welcome a few familiar characters to the stage, officially opening the park so “the magic can begin!”

The park's current Welcome Show takes place on the Main Street Railroad Station. More security screening has made the entrance area of the park increasingly crowded, and the existing Welcome Show causes significant crowds to gather at the entrance. Besides the additional shopping and dining time, the move should help to alleviate some of that congestion, making arriving at the park a more pleasant experience. 

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Article Posted: Dec 28, 2016 / 1:18pm EST