No capacity closing at the Walt Disney World theme parks so far this Christmas

Dec 27, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday December 27, 2016 10:05am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Christmas week is the busiest time at Walt Disney World, and is typically accompanied by capacity closings at the theme parks.

For the first time since we have been tracking closures, this is the first year where at least one park has not reached a capacity closing on Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day 2015, the Magic Kingdom reached a Phase A capacity close at 10am, and didn't reopen to all guests until 4:30pm. The park also hit capacity on Christmas Eve, and later in the week nearing New Year's Eve, and on New year's Eve itself.

Disney introduced tiered ticket pricing earlier this year, pricing the parks differently for 1-Day tickets, depending on the season. Of course, the Christmas Week is priced at peak level, meaning an extra $19 for a day at the Magic Kingdom compared to Value pricing.

Capacity closings are still a possibility, and of course the parks are very busy. New Year's Eve in particular is very likely to see a closure at the Magic Kingdom. We will continue to monitor the situation, so stay tuned if you are visiting the parks this week.

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CrazydisneyfanlukeJan 07, 2017


DisoneJan 07, 2017

The Epcot Tree was removed and completely when I was there December 30th. Did they put it back?

MissMJan 04, 2017

If decorations are up until the 12th, does that mean holiday items won't hit the outlets until after that date? We were thinking of heading to the outlet this weekend to get some holiday items but maybe we should wait until next weekend instead?

mitchkJan 04, 2017

Awesome. Thank you

mitchkJan 04, 2017

Thank you

JeffxzJan 04, 2017

They were lit last night.

wdwmagicJan 04, 2017

A Frozen Holiday Wish is over, but I am not sure if the castle lights are lit or not. I'll let you know if I find out.

mitchkJan 04, 2017

Do they still light the castle?

Epcot82GuyJan 04, 2017

Excellent! Headed down this weekend, and I'd love to see it again! :)

mitchkJan 04, 2017

Do they still light the castle? I feel like I should know this :confused:

Disney Dad 3000Jan 04, 2017

It looks like this seems to be fairly consistent with what they did last year. We were down MLK weekend and the 2-3 days before and HS still had their tree up, etc. and EPCOT the garland and small decorations and I seem to remember by Saturday of that weekend the last remaining bits were gone

wdwmagicJan 04, 2017

Jan 12 for the decor :)

Epcot82GuyJan 04, 2017

Very helpful info! Do you happen to know when Epcot is taking theirs down and the Holiday food offerings? I have to imagine theirs may be a bit more "phased". But, I thought they may leave it up for Marathon Weekend.

wdwmagicJan 03, 2017

Last few days to catch Disney World's holiday decorations