Magic Kingdom parking lot back open after earlier closing due to reaching capacity

Mar 26, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday March 26, 2014 5:00pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

UPDATE: Magic Kingdom Parking lot has reopened to all guests at 5pm.

The Magic Kingdom parking lot at the TTC has closed due to reaching capacity (March 26 2014 - 3:05pm).

The Magic Kingdom remains open, and guests are being redirected to park at Epcot. Guests can then use WDW transportation to return to the Magic Kingdom

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Figment2005Apr 02, 2014

From what I have experienced it gets used quite often, most of the time during the morning and early afternoon. I almost always hear either an exotic sports car or racecar running during the day.

GoofyernmostApr 01, 2014

For what they get out of it, perhaps they can take the extra money from the parking fees and get ride of the race track. I don't know if it is ever used. I have never seen one vehicle on the track. You could park quite a few cars in that space. What a waste of money that thing was.

Next Big ThingApr 01, 2014

Exactly. When they close the parking lot in situations like this, it's so they can let it empty out a bit to safely resume operations. Not everything has an evil motive behind it. There are a lot of restrictions and safety precautions involved in any part of park operations. If something happens to trigger one of those restrictions (such as the parking lot becoming overcrowded), then they take the appropriate steps to solve the situation and get operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

WDWfreak89Apr 01, 2014

I used to work in the MK parking lot and I can tell you it is only because of the demand we get at night. When we have a rush we can more efficiently and safely park cars in an empty lot row by row instead of having to search for the empty spots. Almost every time the parking lot closes you will see Cruella and some of Scar not full.

xstech25Mar 31, 2014

There's no way, do you seriously think Disney wants to give free parking vouchers and send people to park at another theme park instead of just having them park at MK (closer to where they want to go) and make $15 off of it? I was there that day, they had cars parked all along the grass outside the speedway, the parking lot was full. The reason the parking lot fills up now before the park reaches capacity is because new Fantasyland added a bunch of real estate so they can fit more people in the park than before. The only way they can fix that problem is by adding more parking capacity to MK.

AngieTink27Mar 27, 2014

None of this makes any sense. Is MK refurbing any of its parking sections?

Figment2005Mar 27, 2014

When I went into work around 5:30, those lots were full.

Monorail_OrangeMar 27, 2014

Excellent theory. I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Now we just need TDO to take one more step in that line of thinking and figure out they need to build more attractions to address the capacity problems.

MammymouseMar 27, 2014

Highlan Highlands County, FL, which is 90 minutes south of Disneyworld, had Spring Break last week - March 17 though 21. So we went last week also!

devoy1701Mar 27, 2014

I vote that it's a crowd control tactic. MK still doesn't have the capacity it needs to handle large crowds. Close down the parking lot and make people park elsewhere, they probably aren't going to double-back and go to MK still if they're parking at Epcot. They'll probably say "well, we're already here..."

Gabe1Mar 27, 2014

Well it is just after 730 am here and my first jaw dropper. So the lots are full at the MK because they opted not to use them all? Why? 1. Disney wanted to distribute some of the parking over to Epcot to leave room for the evening visitors? 2. Disney wants the press that leads ya to believe they are as busy as NYE? 3. The MK Leadership is so over Spring Break and wanted peace? 4. It was Transportation Leadership cost and overtime savings by sending that 1st shift group of CMs home and feeding visitors to Epcot?

novawildcat18Mar 27, 2014

My spring break was February 28th-March 9th....

jensenrickMar 27, 2014

curiouser and curiouser

Gabe1Mar 27, 2014

A good chunk of Illinois is on Spring Break this week too.