Disney updates park rules and begins adding signs at park entrances

Sep 24, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday September 24, 2014 9:52am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today rolled out an update to its park rules which govern the admission policy for all of its domestic parks.

The guidelines are aimed at clarifying some points that may have previously been unclear, with greater clarity now given to e-cigarette usage and the requirement for children under 14 being accompanied by an adult.

The new rules are effective September 24 2014 at both Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort. New pages on both websites now contain the new rules - www.disneyworld.com/parkrules and www.disneyland.com/parkrules.

Along with the new pages on the websites, signage will be installed at the park main entrances with some of the most important rules highlighted.

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PhotoDave219Sep 30, 2014

I think it's more the "we don't want someone tripping over your tripod." Of course they'll let any person run me down in a motorized scooter

PhotoDave219Sep 30, 2014

I can find plenty of out of the way spots.

NowIncSep 30, 2014

Not true :) There are still many more secluded spots you can set up even at capacity. Its just more prefer to be on main street or the hub (understandably).

mm121Sep 30, 2014

when the whole park is a crowd, say for wishes, no matter where you set up your going to be in a crowd.

ArtificialArtistSep 30, 2014

Of course they are the greatest of threats, because with the tripod you can film the secretive art of parting crowds with strollers :D

PhotoDave219Sep 29, 2014

Especially in the Disney blog-o-sphere.....

PhotoDave219Sep 29, 2014

Its going to be inconsistent. I suggest going with that small tripod that @NowInc recommended. As for a crowd? IDK.

TheRabbitSep 29, 2014

I asked both security AND guest relations if a guest can take a photo of another guest within the park without their permission...and BOTH answered YES. So go for it!

JediMasterMattSep 29, 2014

Thanks for the update Dave. Keep us up to date as needless to say, this would be a significant change in their application of the policy as the large tripod part has always been there. I would like to know what their interpretation of setting it up in a "crowd" is. Hopefully they get this sorted out soon. I've got a trip in November and in January and photography is a very large component of my vacations.

NowIncSep 29, 2014

I actually have been building up a nice collection of photos of people using iPads as cameras at Disney for a future blog project. I know of another individual starting a page of adults wearing costumes (which last I checked was against the rules but somehow they don't say anything to the princesses with punk dyed hair and various piercings walking around the parks), just to showcase how silly it all looks.

Cesar R MSep 29, 2014

I wonder if there is a website of "the people of Disney world" . A la "the people of walmart. Speaking of walmart's people.. there are some really creepy photos. Its amazing how easy you can find certain groups like Bronies and furry livestylers.

TheRabbitSep 29, 2014

Dave, use your tripod to get some photos of these 'buttshorts' lol

PhotoDave219Sep 29, 2014

Of course. Remember, those are medical devices....

NowIncSep 29, 2014

Because tripods are a huge threat...not the ECVs rolling over people like tanks or the double wide strollers being used to part pathways in large crowds. *sigh*