PHOTOS - Electric vehicle charging stations coming to the Magic Kingdom TTC parking lot

Jul 21, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Magic Kingdom TTC Electric Vehicle Chargers
Posted: Thursday July 21, 2016 3:48pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Transportation and Ticket Center is the next Disney World location to receive electric car charging stations.

The TTC parking lot primarily serves as the Magic Kingdom's parking lot, and will soon offer 4 EV chargers. 

Provided by ChargePoint, the chargers are the same fast charging Level 2 stations that can also be found at Disney Springs, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.

Although the chargers are in place, they are not yet active. They are located at the front of the Zurg lot, near to the disability parking.

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alphac2005Jul 24, 2016

Where I live, we have one of the largest clusters of EVs in the country and the charging spaces are nearly always full. Why are they in use? A huge metro area and the majority are Leafs, BMW i3, Kia Soul EV, Focus, etc. Some units are free, others charge. A large amount of employers have them at no-cost as well. For anyone not driving a Tesla as you are and have a decent driving distance, if you spend fifty cents or a buck every so often charging, it's no big deal.

alphac2005Jul 23, 2016

We own a Ford Focus EV and a Ford Fusion Energi, which for those who don't know, the Ford Energi line is the same electric hybrid concept as the Volt. Obviously no gas for the Focus and we're filling up thr Fusion every four weeks or so with a tank of gas. Our monthly vehicle energy bill is about $50 for everything. Love that and the cars. I do wonder if they'll require you to move the cars after a set time or charge an inflated rate after X hours. Four chargers isn't much of anything, but a start. I guarantee that Disney did it now to take advantage of a special business tax incentive that's available this year. The shopping center that we went to by our home has at least 20 EV chargers and a cluster of Tesla superchargers.

wdwmagicJul 22, 2016

The cost to charge a car is $.35 per kw/h, with a minimum charge cost of $1.50. This is a really high rate, and unfortunately means that if you have something like a Volt, it would actually be cheaper to use gas in the car than to charge here. For pure EV cars, it would be your only option though, so is worthwhile from that perspective.

tissandtullyJul 22, 2016

Are these free to use or is it charged by usage? How much does it cost typically to charge from one of these things?

bhg469Jul 22, 2016

Jokes on you disney, I'm going to make an adapter to stick into my fuel door to make my car look like an EV!

MissMJul 21, 2016

With only 4 spots are they going to let people park in them all day? Because it's not exactly quick or easy to get all the way back to the TTC to move your car. I applaud the fact they're adding charges but unlike the other parks where cars are reached with a short walk, MK lot is far removed. So it does run the risk of always being occupied - even the cars have long since finished charging.

CJRJul 21, 2016

I'm going to say that it may have to do with the cost. Per mile, these out-pace gas prices by a healthy margin. So, if the car is an electric Hybrid, like the Volt (which I own), it's more economical to just fill up the tank. That said, there never seems to be a problem filling these spaces, at least, that I've noticed.

sshindelJul 21, 2016

SWEET! When I buy my new EV, I can't wait to drive it from Chicago to Florida in 80 mile increments! :hilarious: Seriously though, this is something that is good news. 4 chargers though? Where I work we have 12, and we don't have nearly the number of people visiting.