Annual Passholders will soon have dedicated entrance lines at the parks

Dec 17, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Saturday December 17, 2016 8:39pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Starting December 21 2016, all four parks will offer dedicated entrance lines for Annual Passholders.

Passholders, who are typically very familiar with the entry process, should be able to move through the lines faster by using the dedicated entry lines.

The service is expected to be available throughout the holiday period until at least the end of January 2017.

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magicmom4Apr 20, 2017

I seriously hope they keep these forever! It was awesome to have a dedicated line with people who had proper ticketing and knew how to use it!

Mark P.Mar 03, 2017

Dedicated Annual Passholder park entrances to remain through May 2017 Excellent news for those (like us) traveling over spring break.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 06, 2017

Yeah Yeah...And Fantasyland opened a Mt Fuji Coaster:rolleyes:....Please explain this Tron-sense?

BaconFeb 06, 2017

What do you mean Tron in tommarowland

Crown&roserFeb 05, 2017

Got the AP cards for me and the fam only after asking for them, after activation. I thought it was weird after that they didn't offer them to us, it was more of a "hey by the way are we supposed to get these?" ...then, "Oh yeah here you go" Plus pass holder lines are a thing at int. Gateway. Tron opened in tomorrowland today...o_O

Crown&roserFeb 04, 2017

I'll report back tonight on AP cards issued to new pass holders, and special lines at the international gateway. Also, SWL and PtwoA open today, FYI.:):):)

RustySporkFeb 04, 2017

The passholder line is a nice attempt to tell us TWDC likes our money, but in my experience thus far it has only been faster than the normal lines once. My other family members won't even use it because it is too slow. Nice, gimmicky, no real value.

Goofyque'Feb 04, 2017

Sort of. You get a Magic Band just for being a pass holder, in addition to any MB you might get for a resort stay.

Aileen MarottaFeb 03, 2017


JoeCamelJan 30, 2017

They get a slider for their band

ryguyJan 30, 2017

So do passholders get a special magic band?

BackOTheLineJan 29, 2017

This is nice. I can imagine if I wasn't a passholder - the first time I had to wait in line twice would be the last time I made that mistake ...

Aileen MarottaJan 27, 2017

COMPLETELY TRUE! We were there since 12/11/16 until 12/27/16 and the Passholder line was incredibly beneficial once the holiday crowds arrived on the 23rd. During our entire stay the bag check lines were extremely long and so slow. Even before the holiday crowds artived, the guards were checking each bag meticulously, every zipper, every pockets. Plus they were pretty much asking everyon to go through the metal detectors. We had reservations for dinner one night and we almost didn't make it in time, because of the bag check and metal detectors.

disneyhuskerJan 26, 2017

Yay! Today at AK there is a CM at the line asking if you are an AP holder.