Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure now available for Minecraft

Nov 16, 2021 in "Magic Kingdom"

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure Minecraft
Posted: Tuesday November 16, 2021 1:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure downloadable content pack is coming to Minecraft today - giving Minecraft fans the chance to explore Magic Kingdom, ride the rides and even meet characters.

The Minecraft recreation of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is filled with familiar Disney and Pixar characters and iconic attractions. With 25 character skins to choose from, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary fashions, and special in-game merchandise.

You can explore Magic Kingdom alone or take a ride with friends through six themed lands and twenty classic attractions. You can also meet 25 beloved Disney and Pixar characters and collect their signatures in your very own virtual autograph book. There are also over 20 souvenirs and wearables including Spirit Jerseys and Mickey Mouse Ear Headbands, as well as 20 different iconic Disney Parks food and drinks like Pineapple DOLE Whip as seen at Aloha Isle Refreshments.

The Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC Pack is now available through the Minecraft Marketplace. This pack requires Minecraft Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Online multiplayer on consoles requires a separate multiplayer subscription (sold separately).

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tancDec 05, 2021

It's cool but I think it's completely ridiculous splash mountain is removed. Instead, they put Tiana in front of it to give you an autograph. I really just don't get how Disney can celebrate 50 years but act like Splash mountain doesn't exist anymore.

JahonaNov 17, 2021

I picked it up as well. For $8 there's a decent amount of stuff to run around and do. One of the biggest glaring omissions was the lack of Splash Mountain.

Debbie DykemanNov 17, 2021

thank you!!

trainplane3Nov 17, 2021

There's a few: MCParks - Server: Main.MCParks.us - site: https://mcparks.us/ - They have WDW, DL, Universal, and more. Some attractions work, some don't. A lot to explore if they like doing that. /audio will give you a link to sync the correct audio to the land/attraction Imaginears - Server: iears.us - site: https://imaginears.club/ - Very accurate and from what I remember, very functional rides right now. Only MK. /audio will give you a link to sync the correct audio to the land/attraction onebignation.net - Still a heavy work in progress (requires version 1.14.4)

ThatMouseNov 17, 2021

I thought users have already created all the parks...

Debbie DykemanNov 17, 2021

My kiddo has java...what do you recommend for Disney Parks on Java? :)

trainplane3Nov 16, 2021

Bought it since it was only $8... 1460677633671368709 1460677175171067908 1460699313017921540 1460700577118273541 1460701230599188481 Summary: It's fine. If you're someone that doesn't like the Java version of Minecraft (for whatever reason) or only has an Xbox then this is an alright substitute. The parks that are made by players are much more detailed but might lack some of the interactivity this offers. For those on PC with Java Minecraft, you can access many more parks with better detail and similar level of functionality.