Popularity of Frozen characters and merchandise changes the Magic Kingdom rope drop procedure

May 12, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday May 12, 2014 1:18pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The unprecedented popularity of the Frozen character appearances and merchandise has caused a change to the Magic Kingdom's morning rope drop procedure.

In an attempt to stop those guests desperate to be first in line for the Frozen meet and greet from running through the park, guests are now slowly walked along Main Street U.S.A. behind a rope, all the way through to Fantasyland. Previously, guests were free to walk along Main Street U.S.A. and would stop at ropes at the entrance to each land prior to opening.

Before this new rope drop procedure was put in place, guests were sprinting along Main Street U.S.A., cutting through stores and doing whatever it took to be first in-line at Princess Fairytale Hall, and even the merchandise locations selling Frozen items.

The stores are frequently selling out of merchandise, despite having a 5 identical item per person limit. The Frozen meet and greet with Else and Anna routinely has standby wait times in the 200 minute region, even though FastPass+ is also now available. 

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Tigger1988Jun 17, 2014

Was an honest question since you keep insinuating I'm saying things that I didn't. Must be a language barrier of some sort.

Cesar R MJun 17, 2014

I was going to respond again post, but after noticing you're going for ad hominem.. not worth it. good day to you.

Tigger1988Jun 17, 2014

Is English not your first language? You seem to be repeatedly misunderstanding everything and taking things way out of context. Interaction between children and characters was very poor under the old structure...I would know I experienced it AS A CHILD. Why is this so hard to understand?

Cesar R MJun 17, 2014

The problem is, you seem to be moving goalposts now.. Now your post sounds like dont care about the interaction between the characters and the kids!. foamheads? no.. but there are princesses and other FACE characters.. you forgot Peter Pan or Gaston? It seems you're trying your best to cherrypick. And why you just didn't said this directly? This is a very valid problem (and as other mentioned.. the rush, shoving, pushing and potential danger to the cast members) when the meet and greets were Unstructured. My point about characters being spontaneous. Is when they roam a bit freely not for photos but for interacting with a few guests (like how Peter Pan does or Gaston do).

Tigger1988Jun 17, 2014

99% of meet and greet encounters involve a photo, do they not? Do you often try to just stand around and converse with foam heads? Meet and greets were not more enjoyable at WDW when they were unstructured. Anyone who experienced them can tell you that.

iheartdisney91Jun 17, 2014

As much as I love Frozen, I'm really getting sick of its popularity. I get it, your child worships anna and elsa so it's a must do..... But really?! There is So much more in the "world" to enjoy! Go do some of those classic attractions! That and merchandise from the film might as well not even be made. It all sells out In minutes.

Cesar R MJun 17, 2014

you explicitly mentioned "have multiple strangers in my photo with Pluto". Which makes your post sounds like you only worry is a photo of the character in question.

Tigger1988Jun 17, 2014


Cesar R MJun 17, 2014

hu.. for you a meet & greet is only a "photo op" ?

PolynesianPrincessJun 17, 2014

I was very surprised when I went to DL and saw Peter Pan all by himself signing autographs and taking pictures. He had no attendent and everyone who wanted a picture just got in line. No one tried to go right up to him, no one crowded him, everyone just took it upon themselves to form a line. It was mind blowing. Had that been at WDW he would have been swamped! I have noticed though at WDW the last few trips some of the characters without attendants. During the Halloween party, the step-sisters were mingling in Town Square. They had an attendent but she was not near them. She was kind of watching from afar. They messed around with the guests and stuff. No one mauled them or crowded them. It was neat to see since that's how I remember the characters being when I was younger.

COrunnerJun 17, 2014

Agreed, It was fun to look at my autograph book when I went as a kid and most were from the character breakfast. But the characters weren't the drive, the park and rides were. The change I think has come from the new theme park experience. Where it used to be about the ride (potc) and loosely based area (adventure land)where now it is being immersed from the moment you enter the area (toon town). Plus when I was growing up the draw was the new rides. Star Tours, Test track, splash mountain, tower of terror.

FacepalmJun 17, 2014

When we went as kids, you never had the expectation, nor really the desire to meet the characters. I am not sure when that changed. I mean, me and my sisters knew it was some random dude/ette in a stuffed Mickey Mouse costume...I still can't fathom how it became a thing. Maybe its the autographs. We were always mildly annoyed by the characters..my how things change!

Matt_BlackJun 17, 2014

Again, there are benefits to the current set-up. For instance, you've got a family who might only get one trip ever to WDW, and their kids want to meet Cinderella SO badly. Welp, kids, unless you're in the right place at the right time, you're SOL. (Granted, random meets today it's a little easier to do "right place at the right time" if you've got a smart phone and follow the right sites). Now, everyone has a fair chance to meet the classic characters, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Combine that with it being safer for cast members and reduced chance of rude guests pushing their way forward, the current system is better, in my opinion.

Tigger1988Jun 17, 2014

As I've mentioned numerous times if "spontaneous" means I have multiple strangers in my photo with Pluto they can keep it. I'll take the McDonald's line over that madness any day.