Disney and PANDORA enter into strategic alliance, including sponsorship of Wishes and range of Disney themed charms

Aug 12, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday August 12, 2014 8:48am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company and PANDORA have announced that they have entered into a new strategic alliance giving PANDORA jewelry a presence in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

The agreement includes sponsorship of the Wishes nighttime firework show at the Magic Kingdom, and the creation of an original Disney themed jewelry collection launching at retail locations from the fall.

The new collection of hand finished sterling silver and 14K gold charms will feature inspirations from Disney’s beloved characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The initial launch, expected to roll out to stores early November 2014, will include 25 different styles; an additional 16 styles will be sold at Disney merchandise locations, including the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The Disney collection from PANDORA will also be available in PANDORA stores throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean in November.

“Our consumers and retail partners have been requesting Disney-themed products for years and we are thrilled to finally offer them a brilliant assortment of charms that are the perfect balance of sophistication and whimsy,” said Scott Burger, President, PANDORA Americas. “Our design teams have worked tirelessly to build a collection that meets the exacting quality standards of PANDORA, preserves the integrity of the characters we have all come to love over the years, and gives our consumers another way to share their stories.”

“We're looking forward to the opportunities ahead through our alliance with PANDORA," said Tiffany Rende, senior vice president of Disney Corporate Alliances and Operating Participants. "In addition to debuting a new line of PANDORA jewellery at retail level that we know will be a fan favourite, we are collaborating on other product lines and guest experiences at our domestic Parks and Resorts."

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alissafalcoApr 24, 2015

Maybe they will be selling pandora charms there too ;) lol

Princess AApr 24, 2015

Pandora is super popular here in England. I have two bracelets, and I will consider getting a charm for them. I have my eye on the Tinker Bell-themed ones. The park exclusive charms are very cute, too. I don't think they look cheap, and people know they are expensive so the allure is there. I think they will do really well at Disney. I think one of the RunDisney races is sponsored by Pandora, too. For Christmas I received a Tiffany charm bracelet, so for me, I am more interested in Tiffany charms at the moment! :P Hoping to get one from the Mall at Millenia.

flyerjabApr 24, 2015

Ummmm, why is this in this thread?

wdwmagicApr 24, 2015

Epcot's Chase Meet and Greet to continue at Innoventions West

cbettuaFeb 20, 2015

Thank you, I am glad they are now available.

WysdomFeb 19, 2015

I wash just there in January and I bought 2 one for me and one for mom and there were plenty.

cbettuaFeb 19, 2015

Does anyone know if the Sorcerer hat is available again in the parks? I was there last November and it was sold out. I can't buy it at the disneystore.com. Seems like they are somewhere since they come up on ebay.

WysdomJan 06, 2015

For those interested Chamilia is no longer allowed to produce Disney charms, they can sell out what they have left in stock, but charms and bracelets are now only available at Pandora.... unless you buy the cheaper stuff at Kohls( Which I do not think is "Real" Disney merchandise) Pandora has been around for ages and will be around for ages ( The company is still making BILLIONS yearly) if you like it great if you don't fine but I am not understanding the hatred, they are not over priced at all ... but to each...

unkadugJan 04, 2015

It appears that all mention of Disney has disappeared from Chamilia's website and Pandora now has the exclusives. You can still Google Chamilia and Disney but they are broken links. http://www.pancharmbracelets.com/content/category.cfm?site_id=4&category_id=642

alissafalcoJan 04, 2015

Exactly! And ALL jewelery you cant tell is real or fake unless you look close so I dont know what the other posters hatred is really about. Pandora is HUGE and extremely popular still here where I live in NY.

Fox&HoundJan 04, 2015

Man, people are really harsh about this jewelry. Just because it's not something you want does not mean you have to ridicule it for those who are interested.

note2001Jan 04, 2015

I love my old silver charm bracelets from the 1970s because although they might look similar to charm bracelets you can find anywhere today, they are quite heavy and have a jingle sound to them from the pure sterling you just can't get from the light weight stuff produced now. Not to mention I know it's good quality and each and every charm has a meaning to it (ballet, first communion tokens, four leaf clovers, one in real emerald... etc.) I think that's the draw to these, not that they look like anything you can get anywhere else, but that the wearer knows they're not.

FinallyinfloridaJan 04, 2015

Thank you. I SOOOOOOO agree. If it's expensive, at least let it Be something everyone can recognize and knows is expensive. I've told my husband on many occasions that he had better never buy me one because no one, unless they look very closely, can tell it's not from Charming Charlie's or Walmart!!! Put that money towards my Nordstrom wish list please!!!

Sage of TimeJan 04, 2015

There's even a new poster in the WDWRR station.