Magic Kingdom operating hours extended today and tomorrow

Apr 10, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday April 10, 2014 8:45am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The operating hours at the Magic Kingdom have been extended today and tomorrow, April 10 and 11 2014.

The park was originally scheduled to close at 11pm, and that has now been extended to a midnight close on both days.

You can view all park hours on our calendar.

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PhilharMagicianApr 11, 2014

When the parks reach capacity there is no relief. FP+ may help slightly to redirect people around parks and reduce overcrowding in some areas, but in the end if you add no new capacity to the parks then capacity has not changed. While I think FP+ has it's plusses it has been sold as a sweet sugar coating over a rotten tomato.

slappy magooApr 11, 2014

It'll be interesting to see if FP+ does something to help afford people less crazy times in line, though there's no getting around the crazy crowds in general. My second trip with my wife was Easter break 2005, and she's politely asked never ever again during Spring Break.

PhilharMagicianApr 11, 2014

Not me! Seen those crowds before and it ain't no fun. Not even with pixie dust.

MOXOMUMDApr 11, 2014

Wish I was one of them. :(

PhilharMagicianApr 10, 2014

..and here come the Easter crowds!