Walt Disney World's Character meet locations to reopen along with more shows and entertainment

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Distanced meet and greet with Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater
Posted: Tuesday October 5, 2021 12:20pm by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that modified character meet and greets will be returning to Walt Disney World in November 2021.

In a post on the official Disney parks blog, Disney said, "Although the environment is not right just yet for hugs and autographs, you’ll soon be able to have individualized time with some of your favorite characters, getting to visit with them in a themed location and snap a photo or two."

Since reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown, character appearances have been limited to distanced outdoor locations. 

Beginning in November, Disney Princesses will return to Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, you'll find Minnie Mouse at Red Carpet Dreams and the stars of Disney Junior in Animation Courtyard.

And when you stop in to see Mickey Mouse backstage at Town Square Theater on Main Street, U.S.A., he'll be sporting his all-new EARidescent look designed just for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom next week, guests visiting Asia can once again enjoy the music of Chakranadi, and Kora Tinga Tinga returns to the streets of Harambe in Africa. The Tam Tam Drummers will come back to Africa in early November.  Live entertainment is returning to Disney's Boardwalk, and Yeehaw Bob is back at Disney's Port Orleans Resort – Riverside from October 14.

November 7 marks the return of "Disney Movie Magic," the cinematic nighttime experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios celebrating Disney's live-action film legacy, and when this projection show resumes, it will feature a new sequence from Disney's "Mulan."

Finally, December 19, will see a return of "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular."

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jrhwdw12 hours ago

Should be very interesting to see what happens right after the last Merriest AH. Will MK all of the sudden be back to normal? With MOUACT/Minnie's/new Castle Show like pre COVID with no Cal. except for the 50th Cal and maybe Enchantment?? Saw that MK is open till Midnight on Dec 30-31st..looks like a normal MK NYE to me! Then Jan 1, does MK go back to the COVID ways or get FOF and more Entertainment(if we don't get additional returns before 2022)ASAP?

drizgirl15 hours ago

I suppose you mean other than with that pesky $125 admission price nobody wants to talk about?

drew8115 hours ago

Watch them charge for all viewing spots on Main Street and Town Square.

Nick_A21 hours ago

There's no way to monetize a parade. And I'm not usually very critical of them, either, but this is like peak Ebeneezer Scrooge.

ToTBellHop21 hours ago

It’s insane. WDW has the demand and the cast in this case. I’m not terribly critical of this company, but this is appalling cheapness. Are they unaware of what their sister resorts are doing? Outdoor parades are perfectly-safe during covid and please many guests for a good hour. The downside is…what? I’d imagine Chapek threw a more lavish 50th for himself than he is for WDW. The Magic may be calling but it’s been stuck on hold for awhile.

Nick_A23 hours ago

I don't disagree, and in this case it's not a staffing issue. There's lots of entertainment cast still displaced just waiting to be called back to their regular jobs.

Waters Back Side23 hours ago

If it re-debuted Christmas or New Years week that would be fine with me.

ToTBellHop1 day ago

Yes. I’ve said this too, but even that is ridiculous. Dreamlights returns to Tokyo next month.

Nick_A1 day ago

Someone reported in one of the threads (i think one of our insiders) that were was a contract for FoF to return early next year.

mm522001 day ago

$$$ Art heads cost more to maintain and you need dedicated techs working shifts specifically with the art heads whenever you use them.

Cesar R M1 day ago

So.. articulated heads were removed everywhere except FOTLK. I wonder.. anyone knows the real reasoning? the new changes requires new configurations? cost cuts? damage during furlought?

DisneyDodo1 day ago

Does anyone know if Disney has any plans to bring back more character dining anytime soon? I’m going in December and have thus far been unable to secure an ADR for Chef Mickey’s on our one non-park day. It would be nice if there were a few other options to try for.

Animaniac93-981 day ago

When it was in front of the train station it was a much better show. I know why they got rid of it, but its replacement (pre and post COVID) has never lived up to its predecessor.

ToTBellHop1 day ago

I don’t mind the Welcome Show being brief. But get the damn parade going! There is an irony in DL, DLP and TDL announcing the return of parades soon while WDW hasn’t. All three had SIGNIFICANT restrictions during the pandemic but are safely bringing back entertainment sooner than WDW, which has basically had no restrictions for many months. Guess I’ll enjoy a parade at Universal and then fly to Paris to see one instead…