Magic Kingdom reopens after closing to some guests due to reaching capacity

Jul 04, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday July 4, 2014 4:27pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

UPDATED: 9pm Magic Kingdom has reopened to all guests.

As of 3:45pm on July 4 2014, the Magic Kingdom is currently closed to some guests due to reaching phase 2 capacity.

You can read more about phase closing levels here.

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Zummi GummiJul 05, 2014

We live off 536 on I-Drive South across from Nick Hotel and the road to 536 was closed after the fireworks (inexplicably). They were routing everyone towards the (extremely packed) I-4/ 192 exits. So we detoured around Celebration and went home that way. A longer route to be sure, but given how nightmarish the traffic was, I suspect we saved time ultimately.

Animaniac93-98Jul 05, 2014

If he were staying at Beach Club, it wouldn't be impossible.

TimeTripJul 05, 2014

Traffic leaving the west parking lots of Epcot was very easy last night. I was very surprised. Not sure about the east parking lots. I imagine they were worse since they emptied into a very slow moving Epcot center Dr.

BoltJul 05, 2014


Cody5242Jul 05, 2014

It only took me ten minutes to get back to my hotel room after Epcots fireworks. The finale blew me away

BoltJul 05, 2014

They wouldn't charge the guest a no show fee. Those are the easiest things to get removed, especially with a phased closing.

Matt_BlackJul 05, 2014

I hope you at least informed (or are planning to inform) someone in a management position

cw1982Jul 05, 2014

I was wondering the same thing. I think if a charge showed up on my credit card for a fee like that, when I had made every effort to not be a "no-show," I'd be disputing those charges.

VioliavJul 05, 2014

If the no show fee was given to me because I was denied admission I would for sure fight that. That's really not something you can help.

notnothinJul 05, 2014

I've read a few reports this evening from guests with FP+ being denied during the phase 2 closing. Is there an official ruling on this one yet? In the example above, I would imagine that the no-show fee would still be assessed for their dining reservation?

Zummi GummiJul 05, 2014

It was very disturbing to hear tonight how many front line cast were either misinformed or flat out lying to guests about the phase closing at MK. They were telling guests that no one was being admitted to the Magic Kingdom at all (which wasn't true- it never got past a phase 2 today). Two guests apparently had a dinner reservation and the CM told them "you're out of luck." I didn't say anything because I wasn't on the clock and was not going to correct another CM in front of a guest like that, but really?! If you don't know something, don't make it up as you go...find the right answer out.

PhotoDave219Jul 05, 2014

It has in the past but only for brief times.

BrianVJul 05, 2014

Does the park ever reach phase 4 closure (closed to everyone)? I'm just curious. We never travel during high season, and I don't recall ever seeing it closed to all guests posted here. I'm sure it must happen sometimes.

RSoxNo1Jul 05, 2014

Surprising. I'm guessing it won't happen all that often, but good to know.