Changes to traffic patterns around the Magic Kingdom area on the Fourth of July

Jul 02, 2014 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday July 2, 2014 11:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is planning to operate a modified traffic pattern around the Magic Kingdom area on July 4 in an effort to reduce traffic congestion.

Between 9:30pm and 11:30pm, the following modifications will be in operation:

  • Seven Seas Drive (the road that runs between the Polynesian and TTC Parking lot) will be one way only, with both lanes carrying traffic from World Drive to Floridian Way.

  • Floridian Way, between Seven Seas Drive and Bear Island Road (alongside the TTC parking lot and golf course) will be one way only, carrying traffic southbound.
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PeterMarcusJul 04, 2014

Oh, I misread. I thought it said 9:30 am and it would be an all day thing. I could still see them doing this semi-permanently, though.

disney4life2008Jul 03, 2014

I was at MK on the 4th and at the resort the entire weekend last year (staying off site). Honestly, I do not remember complaining at all about traffic. On the 4th however, I would suggest if your going to the MK arrive at opening and do not leave until a hour or so after the park closes. Once your in - you are in but if you leave you risk not being let back in. By 11am the MK was PACKED PACKED PACKED!!!! It was a 2 hour wait just to eat lunch at Pecos Bills (including standing in line, waiting for a table). However, it was very doable thanks for legacy FP - we were able to do everything multiple times. But I fear for everyone tomorrow with FP+ SMH. Back to traffic - just be patient and have a great time.

SlowjackJul 03, 2014

There's one south of the toll gate? I'm sure you're right but I don't remember it, and I can't find it on Google Maps.

fbbJul 03, 2014

It's a chore. Never again for me. Bad enough that all traffic should be diverted to the nuthouse. YMMV.

TimeTripJul 03, 2014

But how long after the fireworks will it be open? I think I've been on a perimeter fireworks night, and it takes a while for the roads beyond the contemporary and gf to reopen. Unless I'm misremembering...

rshell68Jul 03, 2014

This is the first time we are going to be in the area on the bad are we talking here? Christmas Day'ish??

stini228Jul 03, 2014

Weird how there is not a better way out of MK for the busses. Having to take a road that is traffic-y and full of speed bumps doesn't seem like the most efficient way to go. Wish they would build an expressway type exit road.

landauhJul 03, 2014

There are two Turn-Arounds ... one north of the toll booths and one south.

TheRabbitJul 03, 2014

No, from the Grand Floridian just go right and go behind the Magic Kingdom. It will be after fireworks so the road will be open.

SlowjackJul 03, 2014

But wouldn't that U-turn only put you in the MK lot? You can't get from the U-turn to the rightmost lane that goes to the Poly, Contemporary, or the Lodge. Seems to me you'd have to either take Floridian Way north and loop behind the MK--which isn't intended for guest traffic--or head south and take the grand tour of the property. For one night it should be fine, but I think this traffic pattern would be too restrictive for everyday use.

PeterMarcusJul 03, 2014

This should be interesting. It basically makes the roads on the left of the stoplight after the racetrack, to past the Poly, and back down to the gas station a one-way loop. If someone wanted to drive from the Grand Floridian to the Poly or Contemporary, they'd have to drive to the gas station and loop back around in that U-turn after the entrance booths (or take the Monorail, I guess). I can see them doing this full-time. Those one-lane access roads get clogged so quickly, especially if there's a line of buses. Either as a two-lane one-way, or as a one-way with a dedicated bus lane.