Mad Tea Party closing for refurbishment

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Mad Tea Party overview

Mad Tea Party at the Magic Kingdom will be closing for refurbishment later this month.

The closure begins February 22 2021 through to March 4 2021, reopening to guests on March 5 2021.

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Article Posted: Feb 02, 2021 / 11:28am ET
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TikibirdLand7 days ago

technically, Deloreans are '81-'83 :cool:. Maybe Continental Mark V

Walt d7 days ago

Oh” the 70s im not going back! Even in a DeLorean!

jeanericuser0017 days ago

Well they could always try a disco theme complete with lasers and disco ball projecting lights everywhere.

dreday328 days ago

Okay, that's funny! :D

WondersOfLife28 days ago

This just in... the turntable is now stationary. You just simply spin the teacups while they’re in place. Also, the mouse was replaced with a cutout “temporarily” during this phase of operation.

TinkerTara28 days ago

This ride holds a special place for me. It was my daughters first amusement ride ever. Plus we love Alice in Wonderland!

NelsonRD28 days ago

This is part of the inclusion efforts by Disney, to add some Coffee cups to the attraction.

drizgirl28 days ago

I doubt they're investing much in style right now. Probably just a mechanical refurbishment.

DisneyExpert28 days ago

If I'm not mistaken, we were planned to get a new roof as part of NFL, but it was cut. The early concept art shows it.

jagiord128 days ago

Whenever this goes down for refurb, I always hope they'll do something about the roof. It's just so ugly, and Paris has shown how beautiful it really can be. It doesn't need to be a direct copy of Paris' glass canopy, but we can do a lot better than what's in Orlando right now.