Center barge arrives in World Showcase Lagoon, completing the new hardware for Luminous - The Symphony of Us

Dec 04, 2023 in "Luminous the Symphony of Us"

Luminous the Symphony of Us center barge - December 4 2023
Posted: Monday December 4, 2023 4:!5pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The team working on EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular Luminous reached another milestone recently as the final piece of hardware for the new show made it out to World Showcase Lagoon.


The center barge fits in the center of the hexagon, surrounded by the six large barges we have seen over the last few months. It contains more lighting and pyro technic platforms and will be featured in the show's finale.

The center barge construction began very late in the process and has only been part of rehearsals for a handful of test runs.

This morning, crews were still working on the center barge ahead of a final run-through after-hours this evening, ahead of tomorrow's, December 5, debut of Luminous - The Symphony of Us.

Unlike Harmonious, all of the Luminous barges will be taken backstage each night and brought back into the lagoon in the late afternoon for the evening performance.

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gerarar5 hours ago

Something's definitely off with the center barge. Tonight again the final bursts/crackles and low blossom pyro was missing from the barge. Edit: Taking a closer look, seems like the lift doesn't even come lower down, which is supposed to start coming down after the beating of our hearts segment. These two shots show the difference (today/months ago) So since the lift hasn't been retracting the past couple nights, the final bursts and blossom pyro doesn't activate. It stays up throughout the post-show too. The center barge is definitely broken-ish then lol

Epcot82Guy19 hours ago

I am very happy to say I finally saw the permieters fire! Now it was from the Stuidos parking lot (which seemed like salt in the wound...). But I finally saw them live. 😵‍💫😆

OSUPhantom20 hours ago

Everything seemed to be working Monday when I saw it, hopefully it’s just working through the kinks of the new equipment.

gerarar1 day ago

The center barge has been very iffy recently, mainly in the finale. The final bursts/crackles that come from that barge have been missing the last few nights. The final comet (during the narrator's In the Great Symphony of Us) and final blossom-pyro was also missing tonight. Wonder if there's some issues with the center barge, fortunately there hasn't been a show yet where the center barge refused to lift for the finale compared to Harmonious when the center ring and taco arms were routinely in-op.

SaucyBoy1 day ago

I can't wait to see it again next month. I saw it every night of our trip in December (3 times). It's the first time since 2017 that I missed a performance of HEA while at the parks, too, if that tells you anything about how much I love this show!!

OSUPhantom1 day ago

Saw again this trip, loved it even more than the last time. What a great show.

Mark Dunne5 days ago

Sounds like they need to bring the shows together , how about “ luminous, the reflections of us “ thats it !!!!! We’ve cracked it, 😍😉😊, now come on Disney let’s go! Happy viewing everyone, and hopefully, “see ya real soon “

Mark Dunne5 days ago

Thanks, as Disney fans we want so much to be perfect, I've been coming since 93 ( 53 now ) i think in all the years they've done an amazing job in keeping there parks amazing, changing attractions, lands, even the foods iconic now, so here's to the next 31 years of spending far to much money, meeting fantastic cast members, and all the great people on the buses ( i still remember the days when i could sit on an actual seat before 10am LOL ) to all the Americans that have made our trips amazing, we thank you all, now lets go change that imagination pavilion, i think we can all agree on that 👍

Chef idea Mickey`=5 days ago

Maybe for the fireworks, but I honestly my opinion* I think Heartbeat Symphony and Beating of Our Hearts for original songs are great but are they timeless? As for the Disney tunes those don't seem to hold up a longevity factor unlike the Harmonious ones or HEA. It falls in the same stroke as Enchantment where you enjoy it for the time being. In order for the original songs to have a longevity the songs should featured an array of voices since the primary theme of this show is "us". Harmonious and EF soundtrack united a whole cast of many whether from different cultures or age for it's massive intros and finales. Illumination's ROE only had the singer who did We Go On but her voice was so that it hit you hard no matter how many times you heard it that it was timeless proven for 20 years! I am not a fan of the Disneyfied male and female duet form like HEA and Enchantment but I really really thought Harmonious was Epic how they had 3 different voices singing at once and coming together in the most separate but altogether inclusion!*

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

The way I see it is that the intro and finale is better with ROE but the middle section is better with LSOU. What Luminous does well is what ROE does better and what ROE falls flat in is what Luminous does well with

TheEPCOTHistorian5 days ago

Working on it 🫡

mattpeto5 days ago

Appreciate the perspective and difference of opinion. Hoping the new show can grow on you.

Mark Dunne5 days ago

I have as many people have, seen illuminations many times live , I’m an Epcot fan , just watched again on you tube , the timing of fireworks to music was perfect , I get the fireworks today are more impressive, and more sophisticated, and by today’s standards the water jets need more omph, but can you imagine, keep the music and use new fireworks,4 k globe it’s then one of the best shows ever, honestly watch the timing of the fireworks to music, it’s incredible,even the high notes have smaller fireworks firing up ,and it was brilliant for nearly 20 years , I’m not against change at all, but the true fact is, Disney don’t seem have the skilled people to make these new shows coherent or make any sense, point in case, H.E.A bought back , and imo it was a fitting rpl for wishes ( another classic ) but we are on the 2nd rpl show now in Epcot, and I think they will change it again , I made a point of watching luminous 3 times during our stay this Jan, sorry it just didn’t do it for me , for those who like the new show, enjoy , just not for me .

TTA945 days ago

Was this an indication recording? Maybe someone recorded the whole show 😉