PHOTOS - Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy now open at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mar 31, 2019 in "Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy"

Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy opening day

Disney's Hollywood Studios now has a Cars attraction in the all new Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy.

The 10 minute show features a very impressive animatronic Lightning McQueen mixed with video displays on a large 200 ft wide wrap-around screen.

Without giving too much away, McQueen demonstrates some driving skills on a simulator, and then a video game-style race. The story is a clever way to combine the physical character and then on-screen action in a believable way.

At the start of the show there is a no video-recording announcement, so we wont have full video of the show, but you can see some highlights from the Disney released promo video below.

Outside the theater in the courtyard, there is a photo op with Cruz Ramirez, and a dance party for the young ones with DJ.

Overall, the new Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy is a very good addition to the park, and brings another attraction that can be enjoyed by the whole family, but especially kids. Once you take in the quality of the animatronic McQueen, the attraction lacks further depth, which will likely mean it wont be a must-do on every visit, unless you have young ones.

Lightning McQueens Racing Academy can be found just off the Rock n RollerCoaster Courtyard, in the Sunset Showcase space on Sunset Blvd. The show plays continuously, and does not feature FastPass+.

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Article Posted: Mar 31, 2019 / 9:53am ET