PHOTOS - New expanded Liberty Square walkway now open at the Magic Kingdom

Mar 13, 2014 in "Liberty Square"

Posted: Thursday March 13, 2014 9:39am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new walkway expansion at the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square is now open.

The expanded walkway should make moving between Liberty Square and Frontierland easier, especially during the busy parade times. Click the gallery for more photos.

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rct247Mar 14, 2014

A very welcome sight! Looks great!

awilliams4Mar 13, 2014

Definately. I have been behind several double-wide strollers during the Electrical Parade going from Frontierland toward Liberty Square. Awful.

MrPromeyMar 13, 2014

Now if only they would get to adjusting the pavement in Future World in Epcot to better deal with traffic. I'm thinking of that are between Universe of Energy and Mission Space that always gets so clogged up with people as well as that area in front of JIYIM!* In all seriousness, though, it would be cool if they could somehow expand areas around World showcase where things actually do get congested - especially during events like F&W and F&G where they have all those temporary stands encroaching on walk areas and causing more congestion with people lined up outside as well as more people that are 'tipsy' than usual walking around. *I know I'm in the chorus around here and I know it comes off as sour grapes but yeah, MK is the post popular park so it's cool that they are doing all these things to try to better handle the crowds but maybe if they gave people real reasons to actually spend more time in the other parks, the crowds would be a little easier to manage across the whole property.

JungleTrekFanMar 13, 2014

My favorite part is that the rocks on the back pathway are now at an angle at top so people wont try and stand up on the ledges to watch the parade, since it was completely unsafe.

Horizons1Mar 13, 2014

Was the pavement always gray?

wdwmagicMar 13, 2014

PHOTOS - New expanded Liberty Square walkway now open at the Magic Kingdom

Rob562Feb 13, 2014

Does this involve the old Mike Fink Keel Boat building as well? No, this is on the Fronteirland side of the steamboat dock. -Rob

Goofnut1980Feb 13, 2014

Where is Scott Keating when you need him for an birds eye view?

GlasgowFeb 13, 2014

Enthusiastic thumbs up here. Hate that area during parades! Still think they should create a path around RoA over to HM though

tl77Feb 12, 2014

Does this involve the old Mike Fink Keel Boat building as well?

BoltFeb 12, 2014

So mani changes will happen this year finally.

bgraham34Feb 12, 2014

Oh wow, this is a good thing. I always enjoyed walking down there.

Marc GilFeb 12, 2014

This is much needed... I can't tell you the hundreds of times I've been stuck in LS trying to get to Frontierland during MSEP. I'm happy to see that they're trying to resolve the issue.

rct247Feb 12, 2014

I walked by on Saturday and was very sad to see many of the larger trees in that area are gone, but this was something that really needed to be done. The old pathway was the only way for guests to get from the riverwalk in Frontierland over to Liberty Square during parades. It was also only wide enough for 2 way walking traffic without strollers and wheelchairs. Once you got a wheelchair or double wide stroller it was instant traffic jam.