VIDEO - Take a full ride through on Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark

May 31, 2016 in "Kilimanjaro Safaris"

Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark

Disney's Animal Kingdom now offers a whole new way to experience its Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction.

What was previously only a daytime experience, now continues throughout the evening until park close, giving guests a chance to see animals in a new light.

Just like in the daytime, the type and number of animals that you see will vary. Disney has gone to lengths to increase your chances of an encounter, with the addition of African wild dogs and hyenas, which are both very active after dark.

The savannah has also been lit in areas, most notably with an artificial sunset, achieved with a huge LED panel. Depending on the condition of the surrounding sky, it can provide a convincing sunset behind the tress, and it also serves to disguise some of the larger flood lighting that is illuminating much of the savannah.

The script is reduced, giving guests more of a chance to take in the atmosphere of the safari, and to listen for animals. Some pre-recorded sounds have been added to some areas to add to the atmosphere.

Mostly following the same path as the daytime version, the route has been modified slightly to detour past the monkey point and most of the elephant area. The total ride time comes in at around 25 minutes.

The after-dark safari should be on your to-do list, especially if you have already toured the daytime version. It brings new life to the attraction, and offers a chance to see a different side of the animals on the savannah. Just don't expect it to be non-stop animal encounters, and remember, it's dark, so seeing the animal will be more difficult.

We've put together a full ride-through video shot at 9pm, and attempted to match the video's light levels as closely as we could to how it appeared to the naked eye.

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Article Posted: May 31, 2016 / 12:44pm EDT