Changes to Kilimanjaro Safaris

May 21, 2007 in "Kilimanjaro Safaris"

Posted: Monday May 21, 2007 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The left side loading dock now has the new additional 9th row. It is not currently in use, but is now available for the large capacity vehicles. See the photo below.

The new audio script for the exchanges between the driver and the airborne wardens has been in use over the weekend. It isn't certain whether this is final, or still being tweaked. The main changes are:

  • Wilson initially checks in with the driver almost immediately into the ride.
  • The voice actor used appears to have changed from the original Wilson. Whilst the voice is similar, it does appear to be a different actor.
  • The main concept of the story is that a little elephant has been spotted wondering around on it's own, and there is concern for the baby elephants mother and poachers.
  • There is no mention of the elephants being called Big Red and Little Red.
  • In general, there is less talk between the driver and the warden, giving more time for the driver to give more details about the animals.
  • Ms Jobson is completely removed from the audio.
  • The "Tommies... TOMMMIES" line is gone.
  • The African radio station music now plays between the Mandrill area and the bridge collapse scene.
  • The story of helping to force the poaches towards Wilson's plane is still in place.
  • The truck with the baby elephant has been repositioned, making it much more obvious that the elephant is in the back. See the photos below.

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