Kali River Rapids testing single rider option

Jun 30, 2016 in "Kali River Rapids"

Posted: Thursday June 30, 2016 7:54am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom will begin testing a single rider option in July.

Expected to be testing during the first couple of weeks in July 2016, single riders will be able to enter the FastPass+ line, where they will be separated from the FastPass+ riders before boarding.

Single riders will need to be aged at least 7 years.

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Dj CoronaJul 02, 2016

Meh. Rode Kali years ago once, and that was enough. I was really hoping it would be something at least on par with White Water Canyon from King's Dominion in Virginia (there's videos on YouTube, definitely check it out!)

oceanbreeze77Jul 02, 2016

I worship single rider lines BUT I must say the Soarin single rider here in california Sucks. It sucks. If the regular line is 30-40 I often get in it because single rider sucks so much.

Tom MorrowJul 02, 2016

The problem is finding space for the entirely separate queue. If the facility wasn't designed with a single rider queue in mind, the only option is sometimes a hastily put together queue through a previously backstage area. This is how a lot of Universal's single rider queues are, and its fairly obvious. Due to the design of Tower of Terror, for example, there is literally no way to do it.

mimitchi33Jul 01, 2016

Wow! I wonder if this will cut down wait times...

cheezbatJul 01, 2016

About time. Now if only Disney would do single rider lines for Space Mountain, Splash, Big Thunder, Dinosaur, Tower of Terror, Soarin' and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Learn from Disneyland and Universal...single rider lines are a good thing.

chiefs11Jul 01, 2016

Indeed... went on Everest at night last week and went in single line. It said 5 mins for singles and the standby was 10. The way that ride churns through people it would have been twice as fast to go standby even though I was the 5th person in line. Felt like forever as group after group of even numbers got on until finally some groups of 3 came up.

rct247Jul 01, 2016

The other big challenge with single rider lines is that wait times are hard to predict. Rock n Roller Coaster gets asked all the time how long the wait is for single riders, but it depends on how many odd number parties there are. People always think it automatically shotter but in reality it could be just as long or longer. So that benefit can also backfire.

Figment82Jul 01, 2016

The TSMM single rider line was terribly inefficient while it lasted. I did it once when the ride first opened and waited almost an hour (most of that time within view of the loading platform) while the CM loading the vehicles would group odd-numbered parties together - completely ignoring the purpose of the special line. I would have been better off having gone through regular standby. If they ever do bring it back, I'd hope it would come with better procedures in place.

doctornickJul 01, 2016

Toy Story, yes. Splash at MK would potentially be awkward given the 2 person seats with no barriers (they use it at DL Splash, but that has different vehicles with one person per row). Same goes with BTMRR and the bench seats. To their credit with BTMRR, I see the CMs try to fill them up as much as possible including putting three people per row when they can. 7DMT would makes sense on some level, but I think they solve the empty seat problem another way by putting people into even and odd queues before load. This fills up every seat without the need for single riders.

ChrisMJul 01, 2016

5 of the most boring minutes of your life.

Fairy32Jul 01, 2016

There are so many rides that would benefit. Splash, Mine Train, Big Thunder, Toy Story could bring it back....

deere839Jul 01, 2016

Yes. But then they think there supiorer some times and try to stay with the group even though the ride op said a different row

Tom MorrowJul 01, 2016

Single rider lines are NOT intended only for people who are literally alone at the park or riding alone. Any size group is free to use the single rider line. When you enter it, the "agreement" is "I am willing to split up my party for a (most likely) shorter wait time."

deere839Jul 01, 2016

I hope they do this for more rides since im a singer rider for everything but the only concern is people abusing it trying to skip the line with there family