Kali River Rapids closing for annual refurbishment in January

Oct 25, 2016 in "Kali River Rapids"

Posted: Tuesday October 25, 2016 9:06am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom is scheduled to close for nearly a month in early 2017.

The refurbishment is set to begin on January 3 through to January 29, reopening to guests on January 30 2017.

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JenniferSJan 27, 2017


Dizney CrewJan 27, 2017

I wish we got wet, that is the whole point is riding an attraction like this, but all we got was a little splash nothing over the top. One time we rode this ride 3 times in row because there was literally a ZERO min wait and we still didn't get soaked, and we sat on different sides of the raft each time hoping there would be a difference. Really the only part I think you get wet is when the people on the bridge shoot you with the water guns, thats about it, and thats at the very end.

FigmentForver96Jan 27, 2017

You must be lucky because this ride will SOAK you if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

RSoxNo1Jan 27, 2017

I'm on board with closing it for a replacement, not closing it because it's lousy.

Dizney CrewJan 27, 2017

I have no clue what all the hate towards this ride is, unless you actually are waiting over 60 mins, which I rarely see wait times that long for this ride, especially at night its an OK ride. I honestly have never got soaked on this ride, if anything the wet factor is on par with Splash Mountain. For a park that is in dire need of more rides this ride does not need to go anywhere anytime soon.

RSoxNo1Jan 27, 2017

I hope the next step for the Animal Kingdom is fixing this area of Asia. Thematically the area is beautiful, but Kali is too short and there are plenty of animals that aren't represented. I would be 100% on board with Kali being removed in favor of a different type of Asian animal safari. You would need to remove one of Maharajah Jungle Trek or Kali River Rapids in order to easily access the huge plot of land that's North of the area.

ChrisMJan 27, 2017

Something new. The patterns are actually now Sanskrit for "Just so you don't get your hopes up, this ride is pathetically short."

flyerjabJan 27, 2017

Are they redoing stencils or is this something new?

WDWtravelerJan 26, 2017

Photo update as of Thursday, Jan 26. Re-painting with stencils at the Kali River Rapids loading dock. No vegetation was harmed while taking these photos (a natural gap between plants and using telephoto lens).

Horizons '83Oct 26, 2016

If you click the link on the article again, it has since then re-phrased its title, to "Dreamworld will REOPEN on Friday". This source is a joke.

marni1971Oct 26, 2016

You'll need to quote better sources than that tabloid. This is the "news"paper that speaks first and then tries to check the facts later. Until the official report is completed and published anything else is speculation. And it is wrong to speculate where lives have been lost.

alissafalcoOct 26, 2016

Thats awful. So sad.

Axle1986Oct 26, 2016

http://dailym.ai/2dHqTna 'This was not a freak accident': Dreamworld may NEVER open again - with theme park employees facing up to five years in jail for negligence

Tom MorrowOct 26, 2016

From what I understand, Kali was closed as well.