Kali River Rapids closing for 6 week refurbishment in late 2021

Sep 08, 2021 in "Kali River Rapids"

Posted: Wednesday September 8, 2021 1:37pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be closing for its annual refurbishment in November 2021.

The closure begins November 1 2021 and will continue through to mid-December 2021.

Typically, Kali River Rapids closes January through to April, but with Expedition Everest closing January through April, the park is moving the Kali River Rapids to an earlier period.

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gerararDec 16, 2021

Well that’s embarrassing of me posting something so wrong lol. Regardless, still glad that I’ll have a chance to ride (mainly to look at the queue) it next week haha

ToTBellHopDec 16, 2021

Copy that post into your Notes so you can easily post it again in a year.

MMFanCipherDec 16, 2021

Did they make it longer? No... still won't ride it then.

wdwmagicDec 16, 2021

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom reopens from its annual refurbishment https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/kali-rapids/news/16dec2021-kali-river-rapids-reopens-early-from-its-annual-refurbishment.htm

gerararDec 04, 2021

Extended to January 3, 2022 and won’t reopen in time for holiday season/rush..

cookiee_munsterSep 09, 2021

You'd hope they would, but you know it'll be minimal. I've not been to the park in forever. So forgive my ignorance, but is the logging theme pushed throughout the queue line? Without that, I don't know how anyone could figure out what the emphasis on the theme was. All I can remember was part of a small patch of land on fire, and that massive burning tree/log and then waterfall. The end. Don't get me wrong. I actually like the fact that the ride went with an environmental message. But it's so slap dash it's very much blink, and you miss it. Either go big, or just don't do it.

StevekSep 09, 2021

We are going first week of December so always a bit of a bummer when something is down for refurbishment. That being said, given it might be a little cooler weather wise, not a big deal for me. Kids will probably be more bummed than me.

BocabearSep 09, 2021

LOL Exactly!

ToTBellHopSep 09, 2021

So…trim the bamboo and call it a year?

BocabearSep 09, 2021

Hoping they7 will be working on more than just technical issues but give the show scenes am overhaul...It's time for a fresh new take.

tagoofySep 08, 2021

I know this is not exciting for many (maybe even disappointing for Kali fans going in Nov, or Everest fans at the marathon), but Kali being one of my favorite rides this just might tip my ticketing decision. My daughter is going to be down there for the Dopey Challenge and planning on going down there just to cheer her on. Was strongly considering not even getting tickets for the parks, but now.... hmmmm. If I might get a change to ride Kali all day long one more time, I might just have to have a ticket.

ToTBellHopSep 08, 2021

No. Those two fill out the calendar pretty well. Everest is why Kali moved up.

PhicinfanSep 08, 2021

So end of this year, and beginning of next is refurb time at AK? First Everest and now Kali? So Dinosaur is next right?