Kali River Rapids moves to a delayed opening

Dec 05, 2016 in "Kali River Rapids"

Posted: Monday December 5, 2016 9:14am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom is now operating on a delayed opening.

The white water river raft adventure now opens an hour after park opening, which means a 10am start for most of December, and 9am for the busy Christmas week when the park opens at 8am.

Kali Rapids will close for a month long refurbishment on January 3 2017.

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MMFanCipherDec 05, 2016

Yes, I know. I was being factious. :)

ravenDec 05, 2016


MrHappyDec 05, 2016

Perfect time for a Tiana M&G raft ride with special ROL seating upcharge event.

MMFanCipherDec 05, 2016

When it goes down for refurb in January is Disney going to make it longer? That's the only thing that can fix this ride.

DaveeeeedDec 05, 2016

This is like the only ride I would approve to have reduced hours:D. It is frigid at 8am.

ToTBellHopDec 05, 2016

It certainly has happened before. I'm surprised it's open after dark in winter, too. Brrr. Wonder if Splash is getting a winter refurb.

GoofyernmostDec 05, 2016

If it isn't, it should be!

HakunamatataDec 05, 2016

I believe this is typical for this attraction during the winter months?