Kali River Rapids closing for 3 month refurbishment in early 2021

Dec 01, 2020 in "Kali River Rapids"

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom is scheduled to close for its annual refurbishment in early 2021.

The refurbishment is planned to begin on January 3 through to April 1, reopening to guests on April 2 2021.

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Article Posted: Dec 01, 2020 / 9:22am ET
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Marc Davis Fan25 days ago

Absolutely, if they were doing a full several-years-long redevelopment, one of those options would be ideal. But, in the meanwhile, I'll take the fire effects, non-"wall-of-water" drop, and more intense post-drop rapids... I was trying to figure that out, too. I know Grizzly River Run at DCA is adaptable like that. But the differences between rides in Kali could simply be factors like the weight of the raft. Do any of our insiders know whether they make seasonal changes to the splash-level in Kali?

cjkeating25 days ago

I don't know if the splash is adaptable but after one trip in May (my first trip) when I got SOAKED... every other trip has been September - December when I've never seen the same huge wave again? So I feel like it is adaptable unless the boat I've been in has always been lucky since. I agree the post drop rapids should be more intense.

RSoxNo126 days ago

The ride needs to be longer, plain and simple. My thought was for another section after the lift hill instead of proceeding to the ride as it currently exists you have another long run off and another lifthill that would join the existing ride path. Alternatively, you could also argue that at 20+ years old the ride is fodder for replacement in the next decade or so. That would allow them to access the big plot of land North of Asia much easier than any current option.

Marc Davis Fan26 days ago

If they added the real fire effects back in, tweaked the water-flow of the drop so it wouldn't dump a wall of water onto people, and increased the size/intensity of the post-drop rapids... it would be a solid D-ticket attraction, IMHO.

JoeCamel26 days ago

I went back once, I forgot I had ridden it years before

CAV26 days ago

I went on it once......20 years ago.

Magicart8727 days ago

I think that was considered at one point.

J454627 days ago

id be down for a jungle book ride river rapids ride using Shanghai PotC tech for an awesome story telling river rapids.

Magicart8727 days ago

They could, Yes. Or should, IMO. I've not so quietly lobbied for it in my armchair discussions for years. Pretty sure others have too! Anything to make the attraction "better" not that IP alone would fix what guests dislike about it. (Short and low of thrills) But it would at least give guests a new ride storyline using the Jungle Book characters. Kali's story is non-existent now that certain effects are turned off. IP wouldn't address the larger issue though; the actual "rapids" part but having AAs like Kaa, Baloo, King Louis, onboard music and other newer effects couldn't hurt. That's a IP re-imagining that would actually breath new life into an attraction that needs it. Besides doesn't the attraction already touch of the "Man's Red Flower" theme of deforestation. Seems like a natural fit for replacement.

Miru27 days ago

Do you think Jungle Book characters could actually work here? It’s odd there’s no ride for it.

Capsin4Dec 05, 2020

They could probably rip the whole ride out in three months. Fingers crossed.

Giss NericDec 05, 2020

I hope they just extend the closure and lengthen the course of the ride. The ride is too short and you barely get wet. I love water rides but I never have any interest in riding Kali whenever I'm in AK.

twilight mitsukDec 05, 2020

The new dry option

RSoxNo1Dec 05, 2020

This looks to be 2-3 weeks longer than normal. I'm guessing this extra time is simply a cost savings.