Disney completes the updates to the Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom

Aug 26, 2021 in "Jungle Cruise"

Jungle Cruise murals
Posted: Thursday August 26, 2021 9:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineers have installed a mural of Alberta Falls in the Magic Kingdom's Jungle cruise signaling the end of the enhancement project.

During the four-month project, the world-famous Jungle Cruise received new enhancements, including an expanded storyline and new humor as skippers take guests on a tongue-in-cheek journey along some of the most remote rivers around the world.

Key new updated Jungle Cruise scenes include:

A new skippers office in the queue area

Boats and Baits and Bites!

The trapped skippers on the pole

The sunken boat in the Hippo Pool

The Chimps on the boat-wreck

The butterfly cargo

Trader Sam's gift shop

A new main entrance marquee

Disney announced in January 2021 that it planned to update the Jungle Cruise with new additions to add "more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us."

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DKampy12 hours ago

definitely more popular….we were at wdw last week and every day at Magic Kingdom it had the longest lines in the park…even more then the likes mine train and splash.

Obobru14 hours ago

It's that the parks are busy and most of the good rides now need a re-mortgage of your home to ride them so people are going on anything they can get on to make it feel they didn't get totally scammed buying a ticket to the park and managed to ride some rides even if they were better last time they went.

Dear Prudence4 days ago

I was at Disneyland last month, and it was so popular (on top of it breaking down constantly from the heat), I only got to ride it once in 4 days. I liked the changes a lot. The new Skipper jokes made me legitimately laugh out loud (the one about PR and paperwork, especially). I think the refresh as made people interested in an attraction that they might largely ignore.

Animaniac93-985 days ago

Some things I noticed on my cruise: First the queue loop: It's the same in DLR and WDW now. Lots of S.E.A. references including the DisneySea Tower of Terror. I believe the actual songs in the loop are the same ones from Disneyland's prior loop. Another unfortunate case of homogenizing the two American castle parks. I really liked the prior MK loop. The giant rubber spider in the temple is gone! I thought I had just missed it, but found a recent ride through and it's not there (it was earlier this year, confirmed that by looking at another video). The spider's a true MK star, given that the mold was also used in Haunted Mansion and Snow White's Adventure. Now its gone from all 3. :( Also, I don't know if its the movie, the changes or both, but the ride seemed much more popular this trip compared to previous ones.

Magicart87Sep 01, 2021

Don't get me wrong! It's not just the mural that I hate. It's the anachronisms, the wrong typefaces, the over reliance on type as a means of "explaining" new scenes. It's just not good Disney. You have to know this, right?

ImperfectPixieSep 01, 2021

There's also these...which are from the era in which Jungle Cruise takes place as well. They should have gone for a look that was a cross of the advertisements below with the posters I linked to upthread. I'm thinking sort of old-fashioned cigar-box style.

castlecake2.0Sep 01, 2021

Yah I see what you’re saying. 1) it looks a little too bold/fresh but I think the elements will take care of that. 2) looks too digitally produced instead of hand painted.

ImperfectPixieSep 01, 2021

Here are some samples of what it should be mimicking... https://www.google.com/search?q=1930s+advertising+posters&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS791US791&sxsrf=AOaemvIlZ3Gob_eQiAzIo4oITCSq_cEERw:1630491570930&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjGuZO3xt3yAhUpGFkFHSpuDPsQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1920&bih=918

ImperfectPixieSep 01, 2021

It's a combination of the materials used for the mural as well as the style. ETA: Advertising of the 1930s focused more heavily on text - even when there were people and landscaping, etc. included in them. It also likely would have been painted directly on the building, rather than be a separate board that's framed - especially where Jungle Cruise is supposed to take place.

castlecake2.0Sep 01, 2021

The mural feels off but I can’t tell why. I think the other stuff looks out of place because it looks so new and fresh compared to what was probably almost 50 year old props there before. I’m sure the florida humidity will start to do its thing and âge them soon.

ImperfectPixieSep 01, 2021

Or followed through with theming. A outdoor advertising mural like the one with the woman wouldn't be painted on a perfectly smooth board and framed in the time period and place Jungle Cruise is supposed to be in.

LittleBufordSep 01, 2021

That's not the issue. If we can accept a Pirates of the Caribbean with almost no Black people, I don't see why we can't suspend our demographic disbelief when it comes to the Jungle Cruise. The problem is that they haven't captured the period look.

Boba RhettSep 01, 2021

Yikes. How very unfortunate. 🙁

owlsandcoffeeSep 01, 2021

I think it's just a matter of lack of creativity. They've done the same thing with other SEA-adjacent characters. Ya just see a lot of pictures of them plastered all over the place. Doesn't really replace theming and experiential stories.